15 11 2006

This is my new blog.  I’m hoping that maybe I’ll update more, now that it’s easier.  (Don’t hold your breath though!!)  It wouldn’t import my old posts because I switched to Blogger Beta.  With time, hopefully, I’ll be able to.  It won’t be deleted though, so its still there.

I love this layout.  I might change it later to include my own banner, but for now this is good.  It reminds me of my living room.   Look, I added links!  It was so easy too.  This is my bloglines list.  Yes I read all of them.  Blogs are my daily inspiration.  Sometimes they inspire me to craft, sometimes to make my house pretty, and sometimes to make my life pretty.  Some I have never commented on even once.  But I’m there, reading.  If you are a regular reader and I didn’t include you, please let me know so I can add you.  There are a few that I know about that I have been meaning to add.

Why do I blog?  I blog mostly to showoff.  😀  Let’s not fool ourselves.  We all do it too.  But I also blog to get things off of my chest.  I blog to document my life.  I blog to be part of the inspiration.  I get so much from other people and I hope that I have inspired someone somewhere.



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