A Week of Thanks- Day 1

19 11 2006

Day-1: Being Cale’s mom.

Children teach you so much. Patience, love, appreciating small things, what quirky habits you have that you never even realized until you notice your child doing it all the time. The list is endless. Being a mom has not been easy for me. I’m a motherless mother, though not in the traditional sense. My mother is not dead; she left us when I was 11, my brother only 3. I wish I had someone to ask questions, someone to get advice from. We have only had sporadic contact with her over the years, sometimes going for a few years at a time with no contact at all. I have always resented mothers and people who have them. Now I’m one. I’m trying my best to let him know how much I love him. I think he knows.

I appreciate being able to stay home with him. I cherish what little time we spend snuggling. I truly adore him. He makes me a better person. I love all of the silly things he does. He makes me laugh more than anyone I know. Pregnancy and delivery were pure hell, but one smile from this kid makes it all worth it. Even on bad days I’m thankful I have him.




One response

27 11 2006
Melissa Doddridge

I would like to comment on being another “motherless mother”. It is a very lonely group to be in I’ve found. My mother was murdered when I was almost 8. I find times that I yearn for that kind of relationship and have resented others for theirs, as well.
I, too, am blessed to stay home with our four children. They are amazing blessings, even on bad days(as you stated). I homeschool mine and hope to on through high school. I find that I so desire to be there for them in a way that my mom wasn’t and then could not be. I am thankful that I stumbled across your blog. I was looking up ‘aprons’ of all things on ‘angrychicken’ when I found you. I would love to be your other motherless email friend, as in many ways, I’m sure the void feels too much the same.
Thanks for being real, today I find myself down and struggling to smile, despite my many blessings. I’m just glad to know that it’s okay~ and know from experience that it WILL GET BETTER. You have a beautiful little family! I am so not savvy when it comes to knowing how to get pictures on the computer, and setting up a blog seems nearly impossible to me. Anyway, I to love to craft and create! It, too, gives me a sense of purpose and is a way of expression for me too.

Blessing to you,

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