A Week of Thanks – Day 2

21 11 2006

Day 2 – My sweet husband (better late than never)

I am so thankful for Kevin. We married young, but almost 8 years later, we’re still going strong. It was rough at first. We fought a lot, then came a 6 month deployment.

He does so much for me. He supports all of my artistic/crafty endeavors, even crafting with me sometimes. He’s my biggest fan, I think.  And then he does nice stuff for me, even when its a pain in the butt, like drilling holes into our concrete walls so I can hang stuff.  Even if it takes an hour and involves many bad words.

He pushes me to do things that I didn’t think I could.

Like getting on ski lifts! Eeek! I’m terrified of heights but he sits beside me and holds my hand, no matter how uncomfortable it gets to be.

april2006 009

And he gave me Cale. Who looks just like him.  And he’s a great father to him.  They play soccer daily.  And he even looked up the lyrics to songs so he could sing to him (this is something I tease him about all the time. Who doesn’t know twinkle twinkle little star?!?)  And because sometimes he sings Dora at work and I love that he’s that big of a dork.  😀  I’m very fortunate to have a happy family.  Just like the Barney song.




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