A Week of Thanks- Day 4

22 11 2006

 Day 4 – Being home
november2006 020

When we went to America recently, we realized how lucky we have it (in so many more ways than this). Our home is nice and comfortable. Our neighborhood is safe and clean and has tons of nice parks and lots of kids to play with. I love our home. Before I left, I wrote that I may realize that this is home and feel sad. Well, it is home, but I feel relieved. Feeling homeless is awful. When we first got here, it was terrifying. Absolutely, completely terrifying. This strange foreign country was well, foreign! So different. I never thought we would feel at home here.
november2006 015

But it is now. The unfamiliar is now familiar. It took forever to get back here (a whole week), but landing is Sicily was the best feeling of the whole trip. I don’t think many people here understand me when I say that. I still have nightmares about my trip, that we’re still traveling or trying to fit all of our stuff into our suitcases, but I’m glad we went.

I’m also thankful that my husband is home. We have only spent one Thanksgiving apart and it was pretty miserable.
november2006 011

I love being home.

***Pictures:  Top: I bought pretty gerber daisies for the table.  Nice and Thanksgiving-y.  They come in the prettiest colors here!

Middle: Cale has been to a lot of princess parties lately so he keeps wearing a crown and necklace  that he made while saying “I’m a pretty princess.”  I love this.

Bottom: My painting hung in the living room, reflected in the mirror.  What you can’t see are the big holes next to it where shelves hung for a whole 30 minutes before ripping out of the wall and falling.  Stupid concrete walls!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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14 12 2006

Oh man, so much cuteness with the Pretty Princess bit!

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