A Week of Thanks – Day 6

24 11 2006

Day 6 – Inspiration

I’m so thankful for all of the great sources of inspiration in my life.  There are so many wonderful blogs that I read.  Sometimes the inspiration is direct (ie. I want to make the same thing) and more often than not, indirect (seeing one thing makes me think of something completely different.)  Sometimes these ideas get made, sometimes not.

Magazines and catalogs are also a great source for me.   I scour them for ideas, then rip out the pages and put them in either a binder or a file.  Some are sewing ideas, some for crafts, most for house ideas.  Anthropologie is my favorite catalog, I’ll have to say.

Sometimes inspiration comes from a silly comment from my son or husband.  Those are the best and the ones that make them the happiest.

And sometimes it comes from neccessity.  Not as fun, but still good.

So thank you to all of the inspiration in the world.  Chances are if I know you (in real life or blog life), that you have inspired me in some way.

(One more day of this and I promise tomorrow will be a good post.  I’ve got the entire day to craft.) 



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