Sew U Book & Pants Pattern Review

25 11 2006

Most likely you’ve read some reviews on Sew U. They all say the same thing, this is a great book, so cute, great information, and I agree. I love the project tickets. I love the illustrations. I love (most of) the alteration ideas for the patterns. This would be such a great book for someone starting out.

Until they get to the patterns. Wendy decided to fore-go the normal format that most patterns have where all of the important information is printed on the back. There is no such place like this. I feel this is the biggest downfall. I’ve read and re-read the book and certain information is just not included! Like zipper size that’s needed, finished garment lengths to name a few. I’m not sure that the size chart is even included, so here it is if you need it.

Now, I’m sure most people start at the beginning and make the “easy” skirt. Not me. I started at the “advanced” pants. I was like, “How in the hell are pants advanced? How are they harder than the shirt???”

They were advanced! This coming from someone whose 2nd large sewing project ever were pants from a vintage pattern! The zipper part was confusing as hell. I skipped it and inserted Velcro as Wendy suggests (but never instructs how). I think this pattern took me around 6 hours to sew, only to find out that they were 2 sizes too big!!! If you’ve seen the sizes and think they may be a little small, I would say give it a shot. So after 6 hours of sewing, I had several more hours of seam ripping as I tried to fix the pants. (You might want to make a muslin and make sure you don’t reinforce seams or use the tiniest stitch possible…)

The back pockets seem ridiculously huge, even for my big butt, so I ripped them off. No instructions were given about the belt loops. And honestly the pictures make it look like they were cover-stitched! Few people have cover-stitch capabilities!

I finally finished them today with the help of my handy dandy seam ripper and a new issue of Threads magazine that just happened to have a section of fitting “baggy seats.”

november2006 023

This fabric was a pain in the ass to work with. It came out of my stash so it was free, sort of. It thick waled corduroy that shed like a mangy dog. My entire house was covered in black fuzz while I was working on this. I broke about 4 needles with this fabric.

november2006 024

They fit in the butt, but not really the legs I guess.  Good enough.  😀  I will make them again, but in a lighter fabric like twill or linen.  I also want to make them in denim.

I plan on making the skirt and the shirt as well and giving my review of those as well.  How hard can a skirt be though?




2 responses

25 11 2006
jennifer w.

Thanks you for the honest review. I think I would need to have the instructions you mentioned in order to complete the projects. I guess I’llhave to stick with patterns in envelopes that give instructions like “unfold pattern pieces” – no duh.

14 01 2007
lori z

like Jennifer, I appreciate the honest review. I’m curious about sewing these pants, but I find pants very daunting. I think I might try the simplicity pant pattern before this one… btw, i like your blog!

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