Space-y Plans

27 11 2006

november2006 001

The Spaceboy and Robot patterns are now available at Wee Wonderfuls.   As you may know, I got the priveledge of being a pattern tester.  I think this guy has a little more work for me to do (once I get the motivation) on his panel.  I made him out of stuff that I had laying around, but I think he’s pretty cute.  Can you see his half-alien legs?  He’s from Mars!  My little astronaut will be getting his very own spaceboy* for Christmas.  I’m also thinking about a rocket.  I don’t want to reveal too much about it so far though.

Anyways, you should buy this pattern from Hillary because its so super cute.  Did you see hers???  Of course it puts mine to shame.  😀  Finally, a doll for a boy.  Did I say doll?  I meant action figure!

*Its funny because I thought about altering the kitty pattern to be a boy with lots of outfits, including an astronaut one!  Kevin of course veto-ed the idea like all dads do when moms get the insane notion of making their manly son a doll.




One response

28 11 2006


yes, i bought my patterns. no way in the world i’m gonna be making any in time for the holiday. i’m not wonder woman.

(bloglines just updated your post from over a week ago. hrmph.)

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