Back to normal life

26 12 2006

dec2006_4 022
This was last night. Although yesterday was great, it was nice to sit back and knit quietly. I finished my scarf last night. Its my first wearable finished object. I can’t even say how proud I am of it. I’ll post pics after the finishing work is done.
Christmas gets better every year now that Cale is in our life. His funny comments and observations make it fun again. We had so much fun decorating cookies and a gingerbread house, and cookie bears. Its kind of sad to see the season end. I think we will have to bake much more often.
I have a confession though. I suck at baking cookies. (I would try to blame the weather in Sicily or something like that, but no one else seems to have problems with it like me.) Thank goodness for Pillsbury! I’m not very good at baking in general (with the exception of cheesecakes.) Maybe I’ll get better. Kevin bought me a kitchenaid mixer for Christmas (sadly no new sewing machine – Thank goodness for birthdays.) Well I know I’ll at least make pasta. And bread. And boy does it look pretty on my counter.
So today was back to normal. Kevin went back to work after being off for almost 2 weeks and I had a huge mess to clean. Its always bad after he has been home for a while. I cleaned all morning and sadly only got the kitchen done. Then I spent all of Cale’s nap looking for a birthday gift for my MIL. We have very different taste so its kind of hard.  Has anyone seen a lavendar bed set that isn’t hideous?

Sunday, I spent the day craft area (so I can destroy it again) and making a pattern for a log cabin pillow.  I’m really excited about this project (even though my husband and I don’t really agree on it.)  He thinks all of our Living room pillows should match.  I do not.  I don’t like matchy matchy.  He does.  But who’s making them?  Huh?  Yeah!  Me!  So in the end I have decided to go ahead with my own plans and never ever ask his opinion (or voice mine aloud to him) again.  Just do it will be my new motto.  I don’t know why he keeps doubting me; he always likes it in the end.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


I’m home

19 12 2006

dec2006 137

I have never been somewhere and felt as at home as I did in Germany. It felt great to fit in. No one stopped to point or stare (although we were mobbed by Japanese tourists who wanted take pictures of Cale.) This was the best vacation we have ever taken. Everything was magical. The food was wonderful, the scenery was beautiful. We all had so much fun. Cale has changed his thinking on this snow stuff. Last year he detested it. This year, he loves it and can’t get enough of it. He threw snowballs, he built a snowman, he tried to slide (sled), he crunched it with his boots. He had a blast. Sadly there was no snowboarding for me. Cale was still sick, so I stayed with him and we played outside. I was a bit relieved though, because I heard the ski lift was scary.
Before we left, we watched the movie An Inconvienient Truth. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It was sad and felt really long, but I’m really glad I watched it. Anyways, in it he mentions how the Alps aren’t covered in as much snow as they used to be. It was so very sad to witness it firsthand. These are glaciers and there was only enough snow to ski and snowboard on the highest peaks.
dec2006 136
This is a print we bought of Neuschwanstein Castle. It was so very lovely. We got to drive through part of Austria to get there. I was in love.
The above picture is a woodcut ornament. Its about 1/8″ thick and made of wood. I just love it. We also bought our cuckoo clock. I found the magazines that I wanted, but sadly no guterman thread.
I re-taught myself to knit. I seem to have caught on much better than last time and my scarf is showing amazing progress for the little time I worked on it. Its probably about 18″ long, so I’m super proud. Maybe sweaters and socks are in my future????
I realized that Christmas is this weekend and it kind of sucks. I don’t have much done and I had so many grand plans. So it looks like some marathon crafting is about to take place. The day after Christmas is always the saddest. We’ve never cared much for New Year’s Eve or Day. We don’t eat the traditional foods (because they’re gross!!!- Who needs good luck? I’d rather eat yummy food!) Half the time we can’t even stay up until midnight! So there’s not much to look forward to. Except this year, there will be. Big stuff is happening, stuff that I’m terrified of, other stuff that I’m thrilled about. So maybe it won’t be so sad this year?

You can see the rest of my Germany pictures if you’re so inclined here:

I have no idea why my links aren’t working. The HTML appears to be correct, but it keeps sending me to that weird site. Sorry, I tried to fix it.  Fixed it!

Forcing Christmas Spirit on myself

13 12 2006

This has been such a sad couple of weeks. Its really hard to concentrate on anything. Add to that a snotty sick kid and a sick mama and not much gets done. All during the holiday season. Normally I have lots of elaborate crafting planned, whether its gifts or ornaments. This year I just haven’t felt into it at all. It feels fake. Of course it doesn’t help when its 65-70 degrees everyday and my grass is a blinding color of green. So this week after I got better, I forced some Christmas spirit into my house. The tree has been set up for a while:
dec2006 007
Its small but perfect. We put lights on it this year and I like it a lot better. I would love to make patchwork stockings but these are soooo soft. At the foot of the tree are all of the “presents” that Cale leaves for Santa.
dec2006 011
Have you seen the mitten pattern at Disdressed? These are based on those, only instead of felt, they’re made of paper. (Well not the Blues Clues ones, obviously.) Cale’s is the red one and Mom’s and Dad’s are the blue and green ones. Easy fun for a bored day.

On my search for Christmas spirit, I visited my girl Martha for some inspiration. And I found this image. Oh, what beauty! Have you ever seen such perfection? Glitter, birds, glittery birds, tree branches, more glitter. And of course I can’t run out to my local craft store for plastic birds so I made my own out of papier mache.
dec2006 013
They’re kind of lumpy and some may say deformed, but I like them. I’m hoping that once they’re covered in glitter and paint, that it will hide their imperfections the way that snow maked even the ugliest scenes magical.

Speaking of snow, I bought some snow in a can. My husband was telling me how disgusting he thought it was, when we ran across some and I grabbed not one but 2 cans. Oh, flock in a can, where have you been all my life???
dec2006 009
I covered an old wreath that I had lying around, that had I had fallen out of love with. A few more coats, some glitter and this baby will be beautiful again. I also sprayed a tree branch that I plan on covering in glitter.
And for more glittery fun:
dec2006 012
I printed these letters from the Pottery Barn Kids site, traced them onto cardstock, cut them out and covered them in glitter. Peace is needed in every possible way this year. And I also did JOY, because with all the sadness, its important to remember that we need to keep living our lives, if for no other reason than for our childrens’ smiles. It will be finished later because my silver glitter is in the forbidden closet where my gift is being kept.

Tomorrow we leave for Germany for a few days. I’m really excited, but Cale is still sick. I have been panicking about the ski lifts for weeks, but I found out that its a non-scary kind so I feel relieved about that. But now, Cale seems to be doing worse and there’s no way I can put him in daycare if he’s still sick on Friday. So it may be pay-per-view, massages, and knitting for me instead. Still sounds pretty sweet. Saturday we’re going to see the Cinderella Castle in the snow!!!! Eeeek!!! I’m so excited!!! Sunday we have a horse and carriage ride scheduled, which should be lovely. I hope to find time for shopping at a Christmas market (I really have no clue what that means, I just know I want to go!) And I’m hoping to find a German sewing shop so I can buy German magazines and guterman thread. I’ve been assured that Germany has shops just like America does. And I want a cuckoo clock and lederhosen too! I don’t think my husband knows what he’s in for! So send Cale get well wishes. He needs them. We all need them. 😀 I’ll be back on Monday, hopefully with lots of pictures and fun stories. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Awesome crafts

2 12 2006

“I wanna do awesome crafts,” Cale kept saying. It took me a while to realize that he was actually saying “arts and crafts.”
Awesome Crafts
He is really enjoying beading lately. Its funny and sooo cute. He calls necklaces “nestlaces.” He can only bead the thick plastic string so far. And boy does he mix some ugly colors together! He liked the wire too but I didn’t think it would be very comfy.
november2006 027

This is what I made yesterday while waiting for the sun to rise in Texas. My first ever ATC. I participated in the scavenger hunt on Craftster. A list of basic materials were given and you had to use only things on the list. Pretty fun and the parameters made starting one easier. Now I have plans for more. First I need to work on my duro dress. (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

november2006 028

My advent calendar is finished. So far, I’m really enjoying having planned activities everyday! It may have to be something I do every month from now on (a little less formally though.)

november2006 029

And a new favorite corner. I got the shelf to stay up with tiny nails. But only non-breakable stuff can go on it. It may get a Christmas update tomorrow.

And now for my dress. I’m making this dress, view B with the contrasting bands. I ordered this fabric for the main part and this for the bands.  It came in the mail the other day and I’m not sure how I feel about them together.  Any opinions???  They are in the same color family, but the main print has orange and the other has red.  Its a lot of work and I’m afraid I won’t like it.  After all that time trying to decide on fabrics, I still screwed it up!


1 12 2006

I love that word.  I find that it often applies to me.  Today its not in a good way.  I woke up to bad emails in my inbox.  I don’t know if you have ever gotten one of these, but they seem to be coming more often.  The emails that tell you that someone you knew has died.  So far it has only been vague acquaintances.  Today it held true too, but it broke my heart anyways.  Yes, it was another person I went to high school with, but this one was different.  This was my best friend’s first boyfriend ever.  The one who broke her heart and she never really has gotten over.  Instincts told me to call right then.  But the clock told me to wait.  So I waited.  Until morning for her.  She answered in her normal happy voice.  We joked around and I waited for her to bring it up.  She didn’t.  I asked how she was.  She didn’t understand.  I knew she hadn’t heard.  And I had to tell her.  I made my best friend cry today.  Its the worst thing in the world.

I keep seeing my son’s happy face and I can’t help but think of his mom.  And I hug Cale real tight (until he complains) and I’m so grateful for him.  I can’t even imagine the pain everyone is feeling right now.  I’m not sad for him, but for everyone else’s pain tonight.