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19 12 2006

dec2006 137

I have never been somewhere and felt as at home as I did in Germany. It felt great to fit in. No one stopped to point or stare (although we were mobbed by Japanese tourists who wanted take pictures of Cale.) This was the best vacation we have ever taken. Everything was magical. The food was wonderful, the scenery was beautiful. We all had so much fun. Cale has changed his thinking on this snow stuff. Last year he detested it. This year, he loves it and can’t get enough of it. He threw snowballs, he built a snowman, he tried to slide (sled), he crunched it with his boots. He had a blast. Sadly there was no snowboarding for me. Cale was still sick, so I stayed with him and we played outside. I was a bit relieved though, because I heard the ski lift was scary.
Before we left, we watched the movie An Inconvienient Truth. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It was sad and felt really long, but I’m really glad I watched it. Anyways, in it he mentions how the Alps aren’t covered in as much snow as they used to be. It was so very sad to witness it firsthand. These are glaciers and there was only enough snow to ski and snowboard on the highest peaks.
dec2006 136
This is a print we bought of Neuschwanstein Castle. It was so very lovely. We got to drive through part of Austria to get there. I was in love.
The above picture is a woodcut ornament. Its about 1/8″ thick and made of wood. I just love it. We also bought our cuckoo clock. I found the magazines that I wanted, but sadly no guterman thread.
I re-taught myself to knit. I seem to have caught on much better than last time and my scarf is showing amazing progress for the little time I worked on it. Its probably about 18″ long, so I’m super proud. Maybe sweaters and socks are in my future????
I realized that Christmas is this weekend and it kind of sucks. I don’t have much done and I had so many grand plans. So it looks like some marathon crafting is about to take place. The day after Christmas is always the saddest. We’ve never cared much for New Year’s Eve or Day. We don’t eat the traditional foods (because they’re gross!!!- Who needs good luck? I’d rather eat yummy food!) Half the time we can’t even stay up until midnight! So there’s not much to look forward to. Except this year, there will be. Big stuff is happening, stuff that I’m terrified of, other stuff that I’m thrilled about. So maybe it won’t be so sad this year?

You can see the rest of my Germany pictures if you’re so inclined here:

I have no idea why my links aren’t working. The HTML appears to be correct, but it keeps sending me to that weird site. Sorry, I tried to fix it.  Fixed it!



4 responses

19 12 2006

hey! you went to count von crazycrazystein’s house. i’m so jealous.

22 12 2006

Your Germany photos do look beautiful. Christmas is bittersweet for so many people… enjoy that perfect little tree and your little boy and take it as it comes. Merry, Merry Christmas.

23 12 2006

Loved the pictures! So glad you had fun, sorry you didn’t get to snowboard though. Cale is so cute out there in the snow. 😀 Hope ya’ll have a good Christmas, Have fun crafting.

25 12 2006
jennifer w.

Merry Christmas, Friend! I’m sure it was a good one!

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