Back to normal life

26 12 2006

dec2006_4 022
This was last night. Although yesterday was great, it was nice to sit back and knit quietly. I finished my scarf last night. Its my first wearable finished object. I can’t even say how proud I am of it. I’ll post pics after the finishing work is done.
Christmas gets better every year now that Cale is in our life. His funny comments and observations make it fun again. We had so much fun decorating cookies and a gingerbread house, and cookie bears. Its kind of sad to see the season end. I think we will have to bake much more often.
I have a confession though. I suck at baking cookies. (I would try to blame the weather in Sicily or something like that, but no one else seems to have problems with it like me.) Thank goodness for Pillsbury! I’m not very good at baking in general (with the exception of cheesecakes.) Maybe I’ll get better. Kevin bought me a kitchenaid mixer for Christmas (sadly no new sewing machine – Thank goodness for birthdays.) Well I know I’ll at least make pasta. And bread. And boy does it look pretty on my counter.
So today was back to normal. Kevin went back to work after being off for almost 2 weeks and I had a huge mess to clean. Its always bad after he has been home for a while. I cleaned all morning and sadly only got the kitchen done. Then I spent all of Cale’s nap looking for a birthday gift for my MIL. We have very different taste so its kind of hard.  Has anyone seen a lavendar bed set that isn’t hideous?

Sunday, I spent the day craft area (so I can destroy it again) and making a pattern for a log cabin pillow.  I’m really excited about this project (even though my husband and I don’t really agree on it.)  He thinks all of our Living room pillows should match.  I do not.  I don’t like matchy matchy.  He does.  But who’s making them?  Huh?  Yeah!  Me!  So in the end I have decided to go ahead with my own plans and never ever ask his opinion (or voice mine aloud to him) again.  Just do it will be my new motto.  I don’t know why he keeps doubting me; he always likes it in the end.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!



4 responses

27 12 2006

dude, you got a kitchenaid? i’m jealous. one of my other girlfriends got one this year too, but it just hasn’t made it here yet. i’m sooo envious. 🙂 i feel the same way about christmas now too, Carlee made it so much fun. and I have so much stuff planned for next year. Tony was laughing at me about being so excited for Christmas 07 lol…

27 12 2006

oh and I meant to tell you that that is a really good pic of you… I couldn’t find anywhere to edit my comment. hehe

27 12 2006

my husband is all about matchy-matchy too. and he can’t envision anything. drives me crazy!

and we should really just blame sicily for the cookies, so say i. 🙂

1 01 2007

This is such a beautiful picture of you. It is definately my favorite one so far. I am gonna print and frame it.

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