So this is the new year…

1 01 2007

dec2006_5 004

We celebrated today by making a new batch of playdough. Kevin is working today so I needed a fun activity for Cale. He asked for pink playdough, I said how about Red. He said okay. Looks like he got his wish. Red food color sucks! Next time, I may try kool-aid. He made this heart for me. I can’t even tell you how proud he makes me. He’s getting so smart! He turns 3 in two months. We’ve started planning his party and I’m not sure who’s more excited, Kevin and me or him.

I’m not really one for resolutions. They always seem to fail. Instead I try to think of things that I can actually do. Last year I said that I wanted to learn how to knit and how to snowboard. I did both, though I don’t exactly excel at either of them. This year I can’t really think of anything like that so I will just mention a few things that I’m excited about (most take place in the first few months of the year.)

  • My Dad is coming to visit soon. I’m so excited about this. We get to show him the island and he gets to spend time with Cale. I wonder what he will think about this crazy place!
  • Potty training. Not so exciting (actually I’m dreading this, but its necessary now.)
  • Cale’s bday. Lots of crafty goodness in store for this.
  • Our 2 year anniversary of being here is coming up. That means we are almost 1 year away from leaving here. Which also means that we start looking forward to our next place to live soon. But it also means:
  • More travel. One year left! Oh crap, there’s still so much left to see!
  • Fun crafting for my house. Starting with The DecorateMy House craftalong at Craftster. My first projects will be new pillows for my living room. I’ve already started and here’s some WIP shots:

dec2006_5 006

dec2006_5 005

I have most of the hard part done for 2 of them. Now I just need to decide how to do the other 2.  I have too many ideas.  I think choosing it will be the hardest part of all!

I hope everyone had a great new years eve (and day) .  I’m continuing my tradition of not following my family’s traditional black eyed peas and cabbage meal.  I think it will be blueberry pancakes for us tonight.  (I really wanted to do a Mexican meal but like I said, Kevin’s working.)  Auguri!



2 responses

1 01 2007

LOVE the pillows! i love ’em, i love ’em, i love ’em!

and potty training. oh, boy. i get to do that this year too. not looking forward either.

2 01 2007

That fabric is so cool on those pillows. The books I got were Stitch n bitch (which I’ve read thru most of) and the Stich it Kit. I’m supposed to have a few more books that didn’t make it in time for Christmas, but we’ll see. I’m going to be heading to the states here in a few days, let me know if you need any more supplies. 🙂 I’m definately refocusing on my creative side once I get back. I have a lot of ideas I want to try, and I really need more “me” time… we should start those craft nights you were talking about. Oh, and I looked at craftser… geez. that forum is huge. it was a little overwhelming lol… but I saw a lot of cool stuff. Are you a poster or do you just look?

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