He woke up a baby, and went to bed a big boy…

4 01 2007

I woke up this morning dreading the day.  I’ve been dreading this day for a while.  Potty training day.  But I got up anyways.  Cale finally decided between the Thomas and the Bob the Builder underwear (he chose Thomas.)  And we went downstairs to begin our first day of potty training.  He would not pee at first!  I knew he had to; everyone has to pee in the morning.  So I kept making him sit anyways.  And he finally went.  I had to make him go the second time too.  But the third time he went on his own!  And continued to do so all day.  This is not the hell I imagined!  I’m not covered in pee OR poo!  He did so much better than I expected and I am such a proud Mama today.  And I think he’s pretty proud of himself too.  I want to find some way to reward him, but I’m not sure how.

He didn’t want to nap today.  I think naps may call for diapers for a while, until he gets comfortable.  So my crafting plans were thwarted.  My other 2 pillows are planned now.  I’ll post pictures as I have progress but so far no nap means no crafting time.



2 responses

4 01 2007

that boy of yours is an *overachiever*. geesh, i could only hope of our potty training going as well as his.

17 01 2007

congratulations! Are his diapers wet during the night? I wonder about starting with Jack, because he has never had a dry diaper, which is when my parents said they trained me!

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