One day I will catch up all the way

13 01 2007

jan2007 011
Here’s the dress I made in December. It took forever, but was sooo worth it. I love this dress and am so proud of it. The pattern was Simplicity 4072 and the fabric is from Amy Butler’s Belle line. I had to lengthen the bodice to accomodate my breasts. The bodice took forver to get right. All in all it took 9 hours.

jan2007 013
Here’s a hoodie that I painted. Let it be known that grey sweatshirt material and a transfer pencil do NOT work together. So it was freehanded and painted by hand with fabric paint. It didn’t take long at all, but I do love it. I think my husband is jealous. šŸ˜€ Its a little big, but it can be altered if I feel the need.

I’ve made a lot more lately; I just suck at getting it all photographed. Hopefully I can get it done soon. I hurt myself yesterday picking up a bag of oranges (yes it really was that heavy! I swear it was heavier than Cale!) so I’m kind of couch bound for a while.

Have a great weekend everyone!



2 responses

14 01 2007

I remember you wearing that dress to one of the club things, it’s really cool. And that sweater… awesome. good job! love it. take care šŸ˜›

17 01 2007
jennifer w.

Lurve the dress! You are a master to get it done so quickly!

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