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17 01 2007

jan2007 002

jan2007 003

jan2007 001

So here they are all together. The circle one is based on the one in In Stitches by Amy Butler. I say based on because hers was for a 28″X28″ pillow. The bottom 2 aren’t stitched up yet. The first out of laziness, the second out of unhappiness. I am just not happy with this pillow. I was going for crazy quilt stripes, but it looks so boring. Kevin suggested embroidering something in the white stripes, but I’m not sure that will fix it either. Any suggestions???

jan2007 004

These are magazines that I picked up in Germany.  They’re pattern magazines!  What’s better than a magazine?  A pattern magazine.  The last one is for kids.  The Ottobre design one has very simple basic designs.  What I like most though, are the realistic models!  Check her out!  Its so refreshing.  I often see magazines and catalogs full of beautiful clothes but its hard to imagine how they would look on a woman who weighs more than 90 lbs.

The Burda pattern magazine is amazing!  I’ve seen it here too.  The only problem is, these are in German!  I’m hoping to figure them out by myself.  Surely patterns are pretty similar no matter where they’re from right!  I’ll probably pick a project from each one to work on next.

PS.  Thanks to everyone who stopped in to say hi!  It makes it a lot easier to blog more when I know people are reading.  😀




6 responses

17 01 2007

I think that the white is too white. Maybe if it were green? Or aqua? Or red? But that would require picking it apart. And that is a huge PITA.

17 01 2007

i like the pillow, but yeah the white is a little much. perhaps you can… i don’t know what it’s called, ruffle it? accordian it? and add some more stripes?

17 01 2007

oh! oh! applicate something in the white! like circles or something!

18 01 2007

I think they all look great. What about adding some big buttons in the white area of the striped one?

18 01 2007

I was thinking the same as Sheena. Different primary coloured buttons in a largish size.

8 02 2007

HI, your pillows are lovely. I like the one with the tree on the red the best. For the white stripes – I would add some large buttons in red/aqua or a strip of trim to add another texture.

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