If it looks like trash and it’s by the trash, its probably trash

18 01 2007

I rarely write about life here, so indulge me here.  (Trust me, I wanted to write a whole post about how excited I was when Applebee’s opened!)

So for those who may not know, I live in Sicily.  My husband’s in the military and we live in base housing.  Normally I love our neighborhood.

Last night about 5 minutes before I was going to head up to bed, the doorbell rang*.  Kevin went and answered and talked to whomever it was for like 5 minutes.  He came in and say, “You’re really going to love this.  We have to leave.  Suspicious package.”

Um, its 10:00!  My baby is sleeping.  He’s been sleeping for a while now.  What the hell is their problem?

Our house is right next to the recycling bins and the “suspicious package” was a plastic suitcase by the… you guessed it, plastic recycling bin.  So we had to evacuate our home just as we were about to go to bed, because someone is too freaking lazy to put their trash in the bin, instead of beside it.  Annoyed was an understatement!

Luckily, we were allowed to drive, so we drove to our friend’s house who was out of town.  We fed their fish and sat there waiting.  She had a copy of Metropolitan Home on her table, so I looked through it.   The last article was about Todd Oldham.  It showed his weekend home.  Oh, I was in love.  I love Todd Oldham.  In fact, we are considering giving up buying an Italian couch to buy one of his from Lazboy.  There was a sectional in his home that he designed.  Maybe I’ll ask my friend if I can scan her magazine.

So that was the highlight of the evening.  I was hoping to come back and see a plastic bubble and a black scorch mark like on Mosters Inc.  No luck.



2 responses

18 01 2007

so who’s the genius that decides that a potential bomb outside the recycling bin is more dangerous than a potential bomb inside the recycling bin?

18 01 2007

I hope it effected whoever left it there too. I hate things like that. It’s like those people who leave there buggy anywhere in the store parking lot they are parked instead of just walking into the cart bin. It’s so hard.

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