dyeing and bleaching

19 01 2007

Thanks to everyone for suggestions for my pillow. I loved the ide of buttons but I know my husband would complain. I also loved the idea of appliquing something in the middle but its only about 1 1/2″ wide. I went with the idea to change the fabric to a color. So I ripped it apart and decided to dye it. I have fabric similar to the color that I wanted but I thought dye would be fun.
jan2007 007
All I had on hand were a box of Rit Kelly Green and Yellow. I filled the sink with hot water, added tons of salt and then the dye. The darker green fabric was put in the plain green first, then I put it in the yellow-green mixture after that. I then rinsed them with vinegar and water and then washed them in the washing machine. I love the color that came out, but its a little splotchy. My striped for the pillow came out well though so i sewed them back on.
jan2007 011

Dyeing was so much fun! I think I need to buy the good stuff next time though. So from there, I remembered this article from Martha Stewart on fading fabrics. I think Jennifer posted about it once. I have tons of fabric that Kevin brought home for me once. They aren’t exactly what I would have bought. So I put them to the test.
jan2007 008
jan2007 009
These are before shots.

jan2007 006
Here’s a during. I forgot to take a before pic of this. It was very bright red, yellow, and blue. I absolutely love it now. Its my favorite.

jan2007 010
And here’s the results of a bottle of bleach, burning hands, and a few hours spent inhaling bleach and vinegar.
The top 2 turned out nice. The next 3 hardly faded at all. I had high hopes for the plaid. The next 2 are now bearable. The bottom 2 barely faded either, but it made enough difference that I might use them now. They kind of remind me of old sheets, in a good way.

This is a project that has been on my to do list for a while. It was immensely satisfying! I highly recommend finding one project that you’ve been dying to do but also dreading all the work involved. You’ll be happy that you did.



5 responses

19 01 2007

i so want to go dye something now.

19 01 2007
jennifer w.

Wow – the faded fabrics really turned out nice! Need to get off my keister and start crafting again!

19 01 2007

Looks good.

Last night I also thought maybe you could take some skinny strips of fabric and make simple bows and tack them on with a few stitches… but if buttons are too much, I guess bows wouldn’t be any better. LOL. It turned out really nice though, I like it.

21 01 2007

I’ve been meaning to try that fading technique, but I’m intimidated by it. Then again, it’s not like I have a pile of fabrics that need to be faded. But there’s so much stuff I pass up at the thrift store because of the color that I’m tempted to add this to my list of skills. I think yours turned out pretty great. What a difference!

25 01 2007

So, did you use any of the so called bleach stabilizer she recommended or did you just go with it? I was thinking of using fish tank chlorine remover! LOL

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