12 Things that make me happy

25 01 2007

The beginning of this week started out kind of rough for me. Homesickness is hitting me. Doubts about myself. Feeling under-appreciated. Icky potty training situations. So I thought it would be nice to do a post about things that make me happy.

jan2007 020
1. There are tons of artists that I love at Etsy but right now I’m really loving Browntown. I want every single one of his prints. They’re even better in real life.

jan2007 023
2. Peas and Carrots charm pack. By American Jane from Moda fabrics. These are so cute. I’m mentioning these because I actually have these in my possession. But I’m dying for these Dick and Jane fabrics! Among other things. (Psst. Husband, if you’re reading this – I want fabric for my birthday. :D)

jan2007 022
3. Tracing paper. I showed you the great pattern magazines that I bought. Well, some of the patterns would be more my taste with something either added or taken away. This is a great way of seeing if its possible. A few examples: A shrug with a ruffle thing would look better without it, a wrap shirt easily becomes a wrap dress when you combine the shirt pattern with another dress pattern, a jacket becomes one of those cute 3/4 length sleeve jackets, sleeves can be shortened, same with too long skirts.

jan2007 025
4. Jewelry. Making it is so easy and so much fun. Note to self: must make more jewelry in the future. The top one was made from a long necklace; the bottom one from a belt that I took apart a long time ago (with intentions on making it into jewelry.)

jan2007 027
5. Feeling like a good mom. Why is it that if you give your kid glue, crayons and paint, that you suddenly feel like you know what you’re doing. I have been seriously wondering about my parenting skills this week. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing some of those motherly genes that I’m supposed to have.

jan2007 030
6. Shiny stuff makes me happy. This is probably my favorite part of the whole house.

jan2007 034
7. Magazines make me so happy. Threads is awesome if you sew garments. This month has an article about copying your favorite garments and fitting shirts through the bust.

jan2007 031
8. The first picture is from Country Living, the second from Domino. The pink and aqua paired with the toile makes my heart skip a beat. Some day I will have a room in these colors. Even if its just a closet. 😀

jan2007 035
9. This lampshade. I foresee me ripping the fabric off of my lampshades and covering mine with a similar starburst fabric.

jan2007 029
10. Spring is near. Although we have had a very mild season (no rain and hardly any cold), the thought of spring is always a pleasant thought. Mornings filled with digging in the dirt with Cale along side me, just as grossed out when we find frogs, as I am. That’s my boy! He’s pretty excited and wants his own garden this year. My strawberry plant is already blossoming. New growth can be seen on most of my plants. So bring on spring!

11. Good music. I am currently in love with Fugazi. Who cares that my headphones suck? (One pair falls out of my ears, the other squishes the blood flow out of them) It blocks out every other noise so I can concentrate on my crafting.

jan2007 019
jan2007 021
12. Recent sewing. The blue shirt was bought and when I got home, I noticed a hole in it. So I appliquéd little lapel things on it. The fabric is Denise Schmidt. I really love this shirt now.
The red shirt was made from a vintage pattern. Its the previously mentioned made-on-a-fat-day-shirt. Its still a little too big, I guess. I had to add a kick-pleat at the neckline to make it smaller. I think it needs a bow or two as well.
***Please note that its really hard to take pictures of yourself. Also, I look funny because the skirt I am wearing has a weird waistband. (Maybe I need to take more pics of my outfits so that I know how I really look!)



3 responses

25 01 2007

The new shirts look great. I noticed a little DS fabric making an appearance. I love the new fabric. I think I may have to do a little online shopping later today.

25 01 2007

What a great post to read! Those are definitely a lot of good things. I heart the american jane stuff too. Can’t get my hands on it though.
Your shirts look great! 🙂

29 01 2007

I am sorry you were having a crappy day/week. Hopefully by now things have improved!

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