WIP Friday

26 01 2007

What do you do with a scurvy pirate? Make them walk the plank! Cale loves the episode of Backyardigans where they pretend they are pirates.
jan2007 045
This is what I have so far for the invitations. The map is shaped like Sicily. The big skull is where Palermo is. Palermo is famous for its catacombs that hold mummified people. The little skulls are where the necropoli (ancient burial grounds) are. Even Mt Etna is represented. The X is about where we live. See the little specks by the volcano in the water? Those are the rocks of Cyclops. See the Roman numeral 2? Those are supposed to be temples.  😀 I think they are going to have to go. Same with Moby Dick there in the bottom corner. I need somewhere to print the info.
I’m going to trace this onto tracing paper, then scan it in the computer and add the info. It contains lots of witty pirate lingo. I’ve been cracking up. Then it will be printed onto tea stained paper. Then burned and ripped at the edges. It will be delivered in a bottle. I have a sink full of beer bottles right now waiting to have their labels ripped off.
Very fun stuff. Who’s more excited? Me or Cale? Its hard to say.  (His birthday is still a month away!)

Tshirts will be screenprinted, treasure chests will be made, the kids will be tattooed upon arrival. I think I’m going to give Cale a sleeve. His pirate name is Cap’n Cale Blue Eyes. It was kind of hard to think of names that weren’t offensive. I wanted to name one sweet little girl Angry ____ the Skull Crusher. But Kevin vetoed it. Names were finally decided upon and now I can get down to the important stuff like what to serve and presents for my big boy.

He loved the map though.  He even knew that it was a map, a pirate map.  That’s always the best, when his eyes light up and he says, “You made it for me, Mama!”

So I’m totally rubbing it in your faces, but I get to eat at my favorite restaurant tonight! So excited.  No rain means no snow and no snow means no snowboarding, so our weekends have been pretty dull.  Maybe I’ll get a whole day to craft.  Those are always great.

Hope everyone has a great weekend too!




5 responses

26 01 2007
jennifer w.

I’d be sad to see Moby go, but please oh please do not get rid of the sea monster no matter what!

Sounds like a fun party!

26 01 2007

so cute! i tried talking griffin into a pirate party, he wasn’t having any of it. so lego knights it is. everything is prepackaged. urgh.

26 01 2007

i love it! too freakin awesome.

28 01 2007

Leave the whale. Maybe put him somewhere else. He is way too cute. I wish i could come to this party!It sounds so fun. Maybe you can throw me a pirate party when yall come back to the U.S. No—-seriously!

29 01 2007

Oh man, I also get crazy about Jack’s birthdays. The pirate stuff looks like fun!

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