3 Years Ago Today…

26 02 2007

I spent the majority of the day doing the hardest work that I had ever done in my life. The epidural never worked so most of the day was spent in agony.

Cale was actually born 11 minutes into the next day so his birthday is tomorrow, but I will never forget this day either. When Cale was born, he didn’t cry. He just looked around to see the world. He actually lost points on his agpar score for that, but it was such a defining moment. When he did start crying, he stopped immediately when I held him for the first time. He was soon whisked away and I didn’t see him for until late the next day. I’ll never forget those moments though. Meeting my love for the first time. It was all worth it. All of the morning sickness, all of the scary tests, the hard painful labor. Just for one look at him.

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I had always said that I would admit if he was ugly when he was born. But he wasn’t. He was absoultely beautiful. I still can’t look at him without admiring his beauty.

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We lost a memory card that had pictures of his first birthday on them. This was taken in March 2005, soon after we got to Sicily. (Forgive the *really* bad picture of me and I hope the bunny doesn’t give you nightmares!)

jan-march2006 076
2nd Birthday.

feb2007 012
And 3rd Birthday. (Pirate mustache and sideburns courtesy of my husband and my eyeliner pencil; scary red eyes courtesy of my camera and me not noticing before uploading the picture.)

Such a big kid now.
My handsome prince, how I love you. I’m happy to take any little bit of love that you’re willing to give, even if it means us “hiding from the (s)pooky” under a blanket together, or when you’re trying to prolong bedtime, or when you say, “You’re not mean; you’re nice,” and then you smile your cutest smile at me. It melts my heart every time.

(He has decided that I am having a dolphin party for my birthday and he’s going to give me a heart made out of diamonds and triangles too. Love that!)


Happy Valentine’s Day!

13 02 2007

(a little early)

Not much crafting going lately. This is about the extent of it:
feb2007 027

feb2007 024

feb2007 023

1. Heart garland made from Cale’s artwork and laminated with clear contact paper.

2. Yarn dyed with tropical punch koolaid. Can’t wait to try more colors next time! Check these out! The smell kind of grosses me out though – like fruity sheep.

3. Cale’s invitations done and delivered. I was sure that my friends would run from me and my dorkiness, but they all seemed to have enjoyed it.

Not pictured:

*limoncello. People look at you like you’re crazy when you buy 96% proof alcohol. I hope is good!

*paid work. A friend asked me to alter a dress for her. Let’s just say I will be really glad when it’s done. And it is very close to being done.

His party is in 2 weeks and he is obsessed with it. Its amazing how many times he can throw the word party into a sentence. Somehow breakfast becomes about his party. It’s pretty funny.

I’m also planning a baby shower for a friend that will occur in about 4 weeks. And making her baby a quilt. So let’s see, I have Valentine’s Day tomorrow, our anniversary on Monday, Cale’s party next weekend, my birthday the following weekend, and Cindy’s baby shower the weekend after. No wonder I’m stressed! I think most of it will be fun though.

I wanted to add a few notes, mostly for myself about living here:

Last week Italy had a nationwide gas strike for most of the week.  The Sicilians started a little earlier than everyone else though.  Let’s just say that Kevin had to ride the bus to work for a few days.

Kevin stayed up until 4am watching the superbowl (Feb 4) because of the time difference.  It aired live – minus the commercials.  Our usual commercials aired in their place.


4 02 2007

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much to every one who wrote about my last post.  It was one of those things I wrote, just to write, not really thinking anyone would stop to comment, but rather skim through it quickly and keep going.  It means so much to me.  I am unable to express my gratitude.

I had my appointment on Friday.  I’m so glad I went, but I think it may get tougher before it gets easier.  I’m a little confused about things right now.  I think I need a small break from everything: crafting, hanging out with friends, maybe blogging, until I feel a little better.  I’m just trying to not force anything on myself.  It feels like since I’ve admitted the depression, that things have gotten worse; like maybe I’ve stopped pretending to be okay and have just let it wash over me.  I have another appointment this week to discuss medication.  I’ve always had mixed feelings on the subject, but I think this is the right thing to do right now.

So please bear with me while I adjust to things.  Hopefully soon, my blog will end up going back to the happy-go-crafty way it was.  And thanks once again to everyone who cared enough to comment.