Happy Valentine’s Day!

13 02 2007

(a little early)

Not much crafting going lately. This is about the extent of it:
feb2007 027

feb2007 024

feb2007 023

1. Heart garland made from Cale’s artwork and laminated with clear contact paper.

2. Yarn dyed with tropical punch koolaid. Can’t wait to try more colors next time! Check these out! The smell kind of grosses me out though – like fruity sheep.

3. Cale’s invitations done and delivered. I was sure that my friends would run from me and my dorkiness, but they all seemed to have enjoyed it.

Not pictured:

*limoncello. People look at you like you’re crazy when you buy 96% proof alcohol. I hope is good!

*paid work. A friend asked me to alter a dress for her. Let’s just say I will be really glad when it’s done. And it is very close to being done.

His party is in 2 weeks and he is obsessed with it. Its amazing how many times he can throw the word party into a sentence. Somehow breakfast becomes about his party. It’s pretty funny.

I’m also planning a baby shower for a friend that will occur in about 4 weeks. And making her baby a quilt. So let’s see, I have Valentine’s Day tomorrow, our anniversary on Monday, Cale’s party next weekend, my birthday the following weekend, and Cindy’s baby shower the weekend after. No wonder I’m stressed! I think most of it will be fun though.

I wanted to add a few notes, mostly for myself about living here:

Last week Italy had a nationwide gas strike for most of the week.  The Sicilians started a little earlier than everyone else though.  Let’s just say that Kevin had to ride the bus to work for a few days.

Kevin stayed up until 4am watching the superbowl (Feb 4) because of the time difference.  It aired live – minus the commercials.  Our usual commercials aired in their place.




3 responses

13 02 2007

i thought you yarn was ground round and i was all, huh?

15 02 2007

dude, tony called me specifically about your invitations talking about how cool it was. hehe. I’m trying to come home early next week, so hopefully we’ll be there. But just in case, happy early birthday to Cale and you, and happy early anniversary. 😀 See ya soon

28 04 2007
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[…] here. I just saw a box of yarn sitting there, untouched since I ordered it. Well, if you recall I dyed some with koolaid, making someone make comments that made me want to laugh and puke at the same time! Thanks, […]

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