Cale’s new shirt

26 03 2007

crafts 003

First, I must tell you a story about my sweet son. Last weekend he went outside with his dad and somehow got a slug on his shirt. He freaked out and screamed like a girl. He told me about the “swug” every day after that and how he said, “Ahhh.” Its a funny story for many reasons. I would have freaked out too, so it reminds me that Cale is more like me than I sometimes think. That he was so obsessed with it for days afterwards is funny too. I tried comparing real slugs to the funny ones on Flushed Away, but he wasn’t getting it.

So last week I started going through my to-do pile. I got everything done except putting snaps on a shirt and embellishing the blue t shirt you see above. So I remembered the slug story and had inspiration for his shirt. Except there’s no way to make a slug cute, but give him a little shell home and he becomes cuter. I really love the way it turned out and so does Cale. And it was sooooo easy. My favorite kind of project.

Somehow along the way, my son stopped dressing cool. It was probably around the time when he started dressing himself. So I’ve taken control of his clothes and he will be cute again. 😀 I had a productive weekend and now all I have left are those snaps to finish….


A few more things

21 03 2007

crafts 013
We made chalk eggs from plaster of paris today. If you make these, I would recommend doing it by yourself. A 3 year old does not make it go smoothly. He will try to taste it and get in your way and you will end up yelling at him to move, so the stuff doesn’t harden before you get it in the eggs. He will also use half a tub of vaseline on one egg. 😀 So let your child enjoy the results, not the process. Instructions can be found at Skip to My Lou.
*Plus chalk produces some very vibrant colors when wet. Its almost like paint.

So if you can’t tell, my medicine is not working so well anymore. I have to increase my dosage. In the meantime though, decreased medicine effectiveness somehow means more productivity! Why is that? It also means that I spent all morning yesterday cleaning upstairs. I started working on my craft room today and my pile of WIP’s is overwhelmingly large. So before I start on another big project, those need to be worked on. So many projects that only need a minor bit of work or that I was unsure about me liking them will be finished soon.

crafts 011
I’m really loving my front flower bed right now. The fragrance is heavenly. Notice how Cale jumped into the picture. 😀

I’m also really loving this site right now: Go Jane. I love shoes. Love em. And this site just happens to have extremely cute shoes for cheap prices. The polka dot shoes kill me! So I ordered some. I’m in love. I’m hoping cute shoes will somehow keep me from going insane from my dear sweet son who seems to have trouble accepting that big kids do not poop in their pants. Oh, the past few days have been bad. And really gross. Cute shoes, take me away…

bomb bib-bity

21 03 2007

I spent Friday afternoon making bombs in my kitchen. Bath bombs that is. I took pictures of the process.
crafts 001
1c. Baking soda
1/2c. citric acid*
2 1/2 tbsp. oil (I use olive oil – not pictured)
2 tsp. essential oils or fragrance oils
3/4 tsp water
2-3 drops color (I use food color – not pictured)
1/2 tsp Borax** (optional)
witch hazel in a spray bottle

*Citric acid can be bought online from several places. I found that Craft Lobby had the best price, especially for molds! Plus they were the only ones who would ship to me without charging me twice what the purchase cost. I think it is also sold with canning supplies, at nutrition type stores and wine/beer making supply stores.

**Borax is to soften the water. Its a natural detergent sold on the laundry soap aisle of the grocery store.

crafts 002
1. Mix the dry ingredients (baking soda and citric acid) in one bowl and mix everything else (including borax) in another bowl.

crafts 003
2. Slowly pour wet mixture into dry mixture. Mix as you pour. If you get the mixture wet too fast, the fizzing will start. Chances are that you will not use all of the wet mixture. I only used about half.

crafts 004
3. When mixed together, the texture should be a little grainy, only slightly moist. If you squeeze it in your hand, it should stay clumped together.

crafts 005
4. Pack it tightly into a mold. You can see I used a rounded measuring cup. I have also used plastic easter eggs, plastic fruit cups, and soap molds. You can buy molds that snap together to form a sphere shape, but they’re hard to find.

crafts 006
5. Flip the mold over, and tap it out. Spray very lightly with witch hazel. This helps form a crust to keep it from crumbling. If you spray too much though, they will be ruined. If you mess up, just repack your mold and tap it out again. I always line the area I’m working on with waxed paper for easier cleanup. Your house should be well ventilated while working only because the smell can be overwhelming for a few days. Hey, fragrance is better than smelly boys, right?

Let it dry as long as can, overnight if possible, then wrap tightly with saran wrap.  I’m not sure how long they last.

crafts 009
Here is one all wrapped up and package pretty. I gave them out as favors for a baby shower I hosted this weekend.

crafts 010
Here they are all together.

crafts 008
I also made melt and pour soap. Much easier, but just as much fun! It really is as simple as melting and pouring. I added fragrance and coloring as well though.

And here’s what I made for the baby shower until the real gift can be made:
crafts 007
The real gift will be a quilt. The fabric is taking to get here though. So I made three bibs, quilted patchwork, embroidered linen, and patchwork on linen. The embroidery design is based on one I found from this image over at Hoop Love. I had to move stuff around to better fit on the bib.

2 years down, 1 to go

14 03 2007

I’m not sure of the exact day that we arrived anymore, but I’m pretty sure it was about a year ago this week. It took all of my willpower not to cry that first day. I remember thinking that we had made the biggest mistake ever. Then exhaustion set in and Cale and I passed out for several hours.

Now, what was so scary seems so normal. Its all kind of funny and we are able to enjoy it more. We have so much more traveling to do before we leave Sicily. This should be an interesting year.

After an awful weekend full of self-pity and illness, I awoke Monday to an almost sunny day. We spent a little time outside, but came in once the sun hid behind the clouds. During Cale’s nap, I heard what sounded like very loud rain on a tin roof (our roof is tile so I assumed it might make a similar sound.) Then I looked outside and saw what looked like snow. It was pouring rain though and about 60 degrees. My next thought was that I might have put too much soap in the dishwasher (we’ve all had that moment, I’m sure.) So I ran downstairs and my dishwasher was fine. This was what it looked like outside.
Hail. It gathered in piles and looked like snow.
This is what my backyard looked like:
Nice, I always wanted waterfront property. I think if it would have stayed raining like that for another 1/2 hour or hour, my house might have flooded.
Once Cale woke up, we did what every normal person does: we played in the “snow.” He kicked it, stomped it, balled it up and tried to throw it at me. Tons of fun.

Despite feeling pretty bad lately, I have actually been crafting.  I’m hosting a friend’s baby shower this weekend and I’ve procrastinated enough.  Cute baby crafts coming soon!

Happy, happy, joy, joy

8 03 2007

Since today ended on a bad note, I just want to write about what has made me happy today.

*Running into a dear neglected friend today at the mall. Hugging her close and knowing that she loves me and Cale. Making plans to go see her next week.

*Skipping laundry day to go to the mall with a friend who likes to shop for shoes just as much as me. Cale was great today and made it so easy on me. He rocks.
The boots are so comfy! And aren’t those the cutest shoes ever! I know they look tiny, but they really do fit. I hope they’re comfy too.

*Spring flowers. (I was going to write a whole post comparing myself to a spring flower, full of hope and all that, but I’m not up to. Plus it would be boring.)

*Memories of last weekend, which was perfect. Hopes that this weekend will be good as well. (Quit raining, Rain!) Streets that become rivers are scary! (We went to the market in a nearby town, Caltagirone. Then afterwards, we explored a little. More pictures here on flickr. We’re sitting on the stairs. There’s um a whole lot of them and each row has different tiles. Its quite beautiful.

*Reading my son one of my old favorite books, Strega Nona. Realizing that it was set in Calabria, a region of Italy that we have visited a few times.

*The new issue of Burda, this time in Italian, not German. The chances are so much better for me to understand this one! So many great patterns this month! I can’t wait to start sewing them. Mine has a special extra section not mentioned on the site. More on that later, (I hope!)

*Cale always makes me happy.

*The idea of SWAP. Sew with a plan. The idea behind it is to make 11 pieces that all coordinate and it has the potential to make 48 outfits. Now, I’m not crazy ambitious so I’m not going to be sewing all of this stuff, but I certainly love the idea of it. Especially for travel. I never pack enough stuff that goes together. This sounds perfect. Plus I think I have enough clothes to be able to do it in several color palettes. (The markets and thrift store have been good to me lately. In fact, I’m running out of stuff to sew, because of all of my great finds. I actually ran out of coat hangers.) I really love clothes and spend far too much time thinking about this kind of stuff. 😀

I really hope that I get some time to sew soon. I have a pattern all traced out from my last Burda magazine. Must craft soon….

hey there,

6 03 2007

long time, no write.  Computer problems.  As in my laptop was knocked over and broken so hubby had to buy new one but hogs it.  (I love you, hubby.)

I’m feeling a lot better.  The medicine really seems to be working.  I feel like the new and improved Jan Brady, only without a wig.  My doctor had given me this really funny movie saying that depression was like wearing dark glasses.  I see it now!  Everything seems more lovely now, the colors of the world brighter, laughter happier and waaay more often, food has regained taste.  I feel like I’m becoming one of those people that everyone secretly hates!  😀

I’ve also decided to keep a journal.  I know this should really be a journal, but let’s face it: I kind of suck at this.  With an online blog, there are always excuses not to post.  But with paper, I think its doable.  And without an audience, I think it can be more real.  I’m  not giving this up, no way.  I like feedback.  I took a ton of pictures this weekend and I’m anxious to post them.  So I hope to be able post a good post tomorrow.

Thanks for listening, as always.