hey there,

6 03 2007

long time, no write.  Computer problems.  As in my laptop was knocked over and broken so hubby had to buy new one but hogs it.  (I love you, hubby.)

I’m feeling a lot better.  The medicine really seems to be working.  I feel like the new and improved Jan Brady, only without a wig.  My doctor had given me this really funny movie saying that depression was like wearing dark glasses.  I see it now!  Everything seems more lovely now, the colors of the world brighter, laughter happier and waaay more often, food has regained taste.  I feel like I’m becoming one of those people that everyone secretly hates!  😀

I’ve also decided to keep a journal.  I know this should really be a journal, but let’s face it: I kind of suck at this.  With an online blog, there are always excuses not to post.  But with paper, I think its doable.  And without an audience, I think it can be more real.  I’m  not giving this up, no way.  I like feedback.  I took a ton of pictures this weekend and I’m anxious to post them.  So I hope to be able post a good post tomorrow.

Thanks for listening, as always.



2 responses

7 03 2007

So glad to hear that you’re feeling so much better! And looking forward to seeing all the photo’s.

7 03 2007

glad you are feeling better, but…

what do you mean jan brady without the wig? jan brady didn’t wear a wig! ::hyperventalating:: she didn’t! she didn’t! she didn’t!

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