Happy, happy, joy, joy

8 03 2007

Since today ended on a bad note, I just want to write about what has made me happy today.

*Running into a dear neglected friend today at the mall. Hugging her close and knowing that she loves me and Cale. Making plans to go see her next week.

*Skipping laundry day to go to the mall with a friend who likes to shop for shoes just as much as me. Cale was great today and made it so easy on me. He rocks.
The boots are so comfy! And aren’t those the cutest shoes ever! I know they look tiny, but they really do fit. I hope they’re comfy too.

*Spring flowers. (I was going to write a whole post comparing myself to a spring flower, full of hope and all that, but I’m not up to. Plus it would be boring.)

*Memories of last weekend, which was perfect. Hopes that this weekend will be good as well. (Quit raining, Rain!) Streets that become rivers are scary! (We went to the market in a nearby town, Caltagirone. Then afterwards, we explored a little. More pictures here on flickr. We’re sitting on the stairs. There’s um a whole lot of them and each row has different tiles. Its quite beautiful.

*Reading my son one of my old favorite books, Strega Nona. Realizing that it was set in Calabria, a region of Italy that we have visited a few times.

*The new issue of Burda, this time in Italian, not German. The chances are so much better for me to understand this one! So many great patterns this month! I can’t wait to start sewing them. Mine has a special extra section not mentioned on the site. More on that later, (I hope!)

*Cale always makes me happy.

*The idea of SWAP. Sew with a plan. The idea behind it is to make 11 pieces that all coordinate and it has the potential to make 48 outfits. Now, I’m not crazy ambitious so I’m not going to be sewing all of this stuff, but I certainly love the idea of it. Especially for travel. I never pack enough stuff that goes together. This sounds perfect. Plus I think I have enough clothes to be able to do it in several color palettes. (The markets and thrift store have been good to me lately. In fact, I’m running out of stuff to sew, because of all of my great finds. I actually ran out of coat hangers.) I really love clothes and spend far too much time thinking about this kind of stuff. 😀

I really hope that I get some time to sew soon. I have a pattern all traced out from my last Burda magazine. Must craft soon….




2 responses

8 03 2007
jennifer w.

Glad you are finding happiness all around you!!

The SWAP idea sounds very fun! In middle school sewing class, we had an assignment to draw 10 articles of clothing that could be used interchangebly to make however many outfits (factorial – wha?) I used red, white and navy blue as my color theme, and had 2 patterned pieces (a dress and a blouse). I was the only person that understood the assignment by a long-shot! Guess people didn’t spend as much time playing Fashion Plates as me. Anyway, I think the teacher was ready to send me to FIDM on the spot! It would be fun to actually make the clothes (but it would take me a long time)!

20 03 2007

The swap thing sounds very interesting. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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