2 years down, 1 to go

14 03 2007

I’m not sure of the exact day that we arrived anymore, but I’m pretty sure it was about a year ago this week. It took all of my willpower not to cry that first day. I remember thinking that we had made the biggest mistake ever. Then exhaustion set in and Cale and I passed out for several hours.

Now, what was so scary seems so normal. Its all kind of funny and we are able to enjoy it more. We have so much more traveling to do before we leave Sicily. This should be an interesting year.

After an awful weekend full of self-pity and illness, I awoke Monday to an almost sunny day. We spent a little time outside, but came in once the sun hid behind the clouds. During Cale’s nap, I heard what sounded like very loud rain on a tin roof (our roof is tile so I assumed it might make a similar sound.) Then I looked outside and saw what looked like snow. It was pouring rain though and about 60 degrees. My next thought was that I might have put too much soap in the dishwasher (we’ve all had that moment, I’m sure.) So I ran downstairs and my dishwasher was fine. This was what it looked like outside.
Hail. It gathered in piles and looked like snow.
This is what my backyard looked like:
Nice, I always wanted waterfront property. I think if it would have stayed raining like that for another 1/2 hour or hour, my house might have flooded.
Once Cale woke up, we did what every normal person does: we played in the “snow.” He kicked it, stomped it, balled it up and tried to throw it at me. Tons of fun.

Despite feeling pretty bad lately, I have actually been crafting.  I’m hosting a friend’s baby shower this weekend and I’ve procrastinated enough.  Cute baby crafts coming soon!



One response

14 03 2007

oh, man alive! i’m glad your house didn’t flood.

and our basement always gets water in it when it rains. it’s a total pain in the behind. grrrr…

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