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21 03 2007

crafts 013
We made chalk eggs from plaster of paris today. If you make these, I would recommend doing it by yourself. A 3 year old does not make it go smoothly. He will try to taste it and get in your way and you will end up yelling at him to move, so the stuff doesn’t harden before you get it in the eggs. He will also use half a tub of vaseline on one egg. πŸ˜€ So let your child enjoy the results, not the process. Instructions can be found at Skip to My Lou.
*Plus chalk produces some very vibrant colors when wet. Its almost like paint.

So if you can’t tell, my medicine is not working so well anymore. I have to increase my dosage. In the meantime though, decreased medicine effectiveness somehow means more productivity! Why is that? It also means that I spent all morning yesterday cleaning upstairs. I started working on my craft room today and my pile of WIP’s is overwhelmingly large. So before I start on another big project, those need to be worked on. So many projects that only need a minor bit of work or that I was unsure about me liking them will be finished soon.

crafts 011
I’m really loving my front flower bed right now. The fragrance is heavenly. Notice how Cale jumped into the picture. πŸ˜€

I’m also really loving this site right now: Go Jane. I love shoes. Love em. And this site just happens to have extremely cute shoes for cheap prices. The polka dot shoes kill me! So I ordered some. I’m in love. I’m hoping cute shoes will somehow keep me from going insane from my dear sweet son who seems to have trouble accepting that big kids do not poop in their pants. Oh, the past few days have been bad. And really gross. Cute shoes, take me away…



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21 03 2007

cale is just like boys. the love them some camera.

and bloglines isn’t working. what the hell?

21 03 2007
jennifer w.

Hang in there, girl!!

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