Cale’s new shirt

26 03 2007

crafts 003

First, I must tell you a story about my sweet son. Last weekend he went outside with his dad and somehow got a slug on his shirt. He freaked out and screamed like a girl. He told me about the “swug” every day after that and how he said, “Ahhh.” Its a funny story for many reasons. I would have freaked out too, so it reminds me that Cale is more like me than I sometimes think. That he was so obsessed with it for days afterwards is funny too. I tried comparing real slugs to the funny ones on Flushed Away, but he wasn’t getting it.

So last week I started going through my to-do pile. I got everything done except putting snaps on a shirt and embellishing the blue t shirt you see above. So I remembered the slug story and had inspiration for his shirt. Except there’s no way to make a slug cute, but give him a little shell home and he becomes cuter. I really love the way it turned out and so does Cale. And it was sooooo easy. My favorite kind of project.

Somehow along the way, my son stopped dressing cool. It was probably around the time when he started dressing himself. So I’ve taken control of his clothes and he will be cute again. 😀 I had a productive weekend and now all I have left are those snaps to finish….



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28 03 2007

I love the “swug” t-shirt! It is super cool. I will take one also (in a large of course.) Would it be too much to ask for Trinton one too- that way we can match? That might take the coolness away tho huh? Looks like Cale loves it!

29 03 2007

They’re both adorable. 🙂

2 04 2007

The shirt is too cute!

To answer your question about how I clean most of my older linens, I use Oxi Clean and very hot water. Be sure not to use the Oxi on anything that has gold paint or gold dyes though, a chemical reaction occurs and you have HUGE holes!

If you need more specific directions, just let me know. (And I really should put that on the blog somewhere, since folks do seem to ask a lot!)

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