Smitten with knittin’ (and bunnies!)

28 04 2007


Sometime last week I picked up my yarn and needles and my copy of Stitch n Bitch and set forth to knit a scarf. I’m not sure why, considering it’s getting pretty warm here. I just saw a box of yarn sitting there, untouched since I ordered it. Well, if you recall I dyed some with koolaid, making someone make comments that made me want to laugh and puke at the same time! Thanks, Laura. 😀

I started knitting with no real aspirations of finishing, just knitting to knit. But man! It’s kind of easy! And my dreams of knitting lovely sweaters are looking achievable!

Sweaters, wrist bands, a scarf for Cale, and a swiffer cover.

If you have small children, or an affinity for cute things, you have probably noticed Zoopals Utensils at your grocery store. I think they are supposed to be disposable, but we wash ours. They come with 8 animal spoons, 8 forks, 4 knives and 4 spreaders. This is a bunny spreader. After being “stabbed” by a certain pirate son of mine for the hundredth time, I noticed how cute they would be as jewelry. So I recalled the directions for making plastic toothbrushes and utensils pliable by boiling them. It kind of worked. They bent, but not entirely cuff-like. After an hour of boiling and melting attempts in the oven, I grabbed my handy dremel tool and drilled holes, figuring I could rig something up. Two jump rings and a keychain later, I produced this.
Not the most efficient clasp (i need help to put it on), but it works until I can think of something better. Anyone think a 6 inch long pendant is “too much?”
While I was melting it in the oven, I grabbed the box looking for the recycle code to see if it was if it was code 6 (similar to shrinky dinks.) I found *no* recycle code at all! Meaning that not only are they disposable, but not even recyclable. So do your part and make them into jewelry too!

PS. Exciting news has come my way.  Nope, not a baby.  But something I’ve hoped and dreamt of for even longer than my desire to make Cale a baby sister (as he wants.)  😀   Not sure if I can share the news yet though.



Some days are picture days

19 04 2007

I can go weeks for a time without taking pictures sometimes. Other times, I want to document every moment of our day. Today is such a day. (By the way, the earlier post was supposed to be written yesterday. I’m sure it would have been more legible yesterday too. Stupid computers.)

So what would make a person rearrange their whole living room, including relocating 2 large bookshelves by herself?
Can you see it? It’s there in the middle.

There it is. Something so small, but so special. It needed proper showcasing. I already have a clock in the dining room so I really wanted it in the living room. Cale and I look forward to every little cuckoo it makes. The wood cutter chops his wood and fills our hearts with glee and smiles light up our faces. And as usual, when something makes part of a family extremely happy, it drives the other part of the family crazy. All Kevin hears is tick tock tick tock (Or as the manual said tick tack – I love that!) We rule with the majority vote so better get earplugs, Mister! We bought it in Germany when we visited in December. I really just wanted a battery operated little one, but the same man who’s complaining, insisted on this one!

We spent a little bit of time outside this morning. I wanted to knit and drink hot tea and let Cale play. He had other ideas. He threw a huge violent temper tantrum (he picked up his rocket and threw it) because not only did I not want to play soccer, bu i wouldn’t let him play with my yarn ball that “I made for him” (I didn’t.)

So when he threw his rocket in the grass, who should crawl on it for a visit?
Cale’s old nemesis, Mr. Slug. I rescued his rocket from the wrath of the slug while we ew-ed at his sliminess and little gross antennae. After much coaxing, Cale still wouldn’t touch it and that thing started crawling towards my fingers. I wanted to sit it out on the sidewalk so a bird could eat it. Cale spared him though and we set him in the grass.

Here’s the bird who I would have fed him to. I think its a swallow. They kept flying up to the bee hive in the window. We love watching the birds. I tried so hard to get some in flight pictures, but no luck. Those guys are fast!

We looked a little in the garden. Look how pretty the color of this daffodil is! I pulled a few weeds the other day and broke out in itchy bumps all over my hand, so I didn’t touch anything today.

And last but not least, 2 paintings I have done in the past few days.
They are both supposed to be Cale. The sleepy one with the bunny is my favorite. The other one looks like a lady. I have no clue how to make it look boyish. He really does have long eyelashes and rosy cheeks. So I like it, but it doesn’t look like Cale. If you have any suggestions or can think of someone who it does look like, let me know.  I have someone in mind, just want to see if anyone agrees (although I don’t think her eyes are blue, maybe green though?)  Looks like it’s back to the drawing board canvas paper for a mother’s day present for my mother in law!

Cale saw it and said, you painted blue eyes! So I told him that he really does have blue eyes, to go look in the mirror. So he did. I watched his face light up as he realized that yes, they are indeed blue. So much to love about 3 year olds!

Cleaning up

19 04 2007


I’ve spent the past week cleaning up, literally and figuratively. Houses without carpet make tons of dust bunnies.
Apparently so does life. After a play date from hell last week, I realized I need to re-evaluate several aspects of my life, especially parenting. So I got on the internet and searched “violent toddler” and ran across this site. So far the principles are working. I think this is a difficult age anyways and sometimes I still want to revert to threats of time out and spankings.
Another thing I’ve had to re-evaluate is friendships. It has come to my attention that a few people who I previously thought were friends, are indeed not. It had me feeling like the unpopular kid in high school again. I know I give people reasons not to like me. Different people always do. I would rather people openly despise me that pretend to like me. But I think I have a better grasp on things now.

Major feelings of wanderlust have been overwhelming me lately. Cheap train tickets all over Italy and cheap flights to and from London are making me want to pack my bags and get out of town now, now, now!!

I wish I had pictures of the crafting I’ve been doing lately, but it has mostly been for a swap with a very special blog friend. So instead I will leave you with pictures from the Sicilian pupi (similar to marionettes, only giant) show we went to last week.





Be back soon with pictures of some paintings I have been doing.

This was the best part of my day:

9 04 2007

yo yo yo!

I’m thinking about starting a flickr group similar to Wardrobe remix but for kids. For kids with their own quirky sense of style. Like this crazy kid. Whose kid is this? What mom would let her kid wear long socks with shorts? Ahem.

I have no clue why he posed like this. Or where he learned it. But man it cracked me up. Thanks for being my sunshine, Cale.

Rambling about favorite color combos, bedding plans, and why I feel like a failure today

6 04 2007

My favorite colors. Sometimes I love the way my dishes look stacked together as they’re drying. This particular color combo always makes me smile. I find it in every room of my house.

jan-march2006 049
Like my bedroom. It took me so long to get my bedroom just right.
Sadly, my choices were not smart choices and my lovely quilt is covered in pills (which drive us nuts), the sheets help my dust bunnies be red, and the pillow cases are faded now. (Plus my husband insists that a king size blanket is too small!) Thinking about new bedding was kind of dreaded until I ran across this:
As usual, there are no ready made choices (at any price range) that fit my vision. I want a patchwork cotton duvet. In bright pretty colors (or at least not brown-y colors). This keeps me up at night. What I am thinking of doing is buying a few yards of fabric I like, either a khaki or white duvet, and maybe a bedspread from Urban Outfitters. Then I will sew squares over the duvet to make it patchwork-y. This solves the inside-being-finished problem. It also allows for some quilting. I’m quite happy with this idea. To solve the problem of being “too small”, I plan on sewing a flange of fabric around the sides and bottom. It’ll be a Franken-duvet! Now to convince Kevin.
(*By the way, does anyone else ever notice how the clothes in the closets for those adds always match the decor?)

Now onto being a failure. As my mom used to say before I even knew what she was talking about, my Auntie came to visit me today. This is not good news for someone who’s trying to get pregnant. Last month, it came with a cruel twist of fate. Right as I was peeing on a pregnancy test (I was 2 weeks late), my period came. So it’s here and not even nice and gentle. My stomach hurts so bad I feel like I need to throw up. Not even Aleve has killed the pain. And nothing can kill the pain in my heart or the feeling that its never going to happen. I feel like we’re running out of time. We have no clue where we will be in a year. If this is going to happen, it kind of needs to happen now. I was so certain this month would be the one…

Buona Pasqua!

5 04 2007

I don’t feel like I’ve sat down much since last week. The weekend was soo busy.
Saturday we went to a market and got lots of goodies including a lasagna dish for 2 euros! That’s the equivalent of about $2.50 people! Its nice and deep and the most beautiful color of chartreuse ever. I would show it, but it’s sitting in my sink dirty right now. 😀 We went for a long drive after that and discovered that we’re not as far from the sea as we had thought. Cale woke up in time to see the beach and got all excited. It was too windy to play though, and we were starving. After we found somewhere to eat something quick (thank goodness for bars!), we drove home. We weren’t home long before we headed out again to a nearby city, Ramacca for the Sagra Del Carciofi (Artichoke Festival.) I love how the cities really come alive at night. We saw a band playing that was really interesting. They looked Native American, sung in Italian, spoke Spanish, but dressed pretty American-ish. Cale loved watching them play.
The next day was supposed to be somewhat relaxing, but at the last minute a going away party for Kevin’s co-worker was moved to our house. We spent the morning cleaning, getting ready for the party. One of Kevin’s co-workers made so much food, we didn’t have to make anything! I still made deviled eggs though. Seriously, we still have enough to throw another party or two!

The phone rang and it was my best friend here. She had her baby at 2:30am. So I left the party to go see her and meet the newest member of our Sicilian family. Sweet little Giuliano has given us all baby fever I think! Cale’s obsessed with him. He kept going to look at him, and touch him and kiss him. This morning he informed me that Pooh Bear has a baby sister (He has a large Pooh and a small Pooh doll.)


This weekend will be just as busy. These are baskets I made for orphans. A 3 year old boy and a 19 year old girl. In Italy, it is quite normal for kids to live with their parents until they’re 30, sometimes forever! I was given no information on what to get them besides their names and ages. I really wish I could have found out what they need, but no one knew. So for the boy, I got him 2 coloring books, erasable crayons, 3 matchbox cars, spill-proof bubbles, pez and various American candies. Italian’s don’t do baskets; they do chocolate eggs with stuff inside them. So that’s what the big red Cars thing is.
The girl got a necklace, lipgloss, body pouf, lotion and body wash, a chocolate egg, pez, and other American candies as well.
I hope they like everything.

It looks like we have a fun weekend ahead of us with egg dying (though nowhere near as pretty as these), cupcake making (scroll down), egg hunting, chocolate eating, barbecue-ing, baby snuggling/ogling/coveting goodness. And maybe a little quiet time in my craft room as well. Happy Easter everyone!