Buona Pasqua!

5 04 2007

I don’t feel like I’ve sat down much since last week. The weekend was soo busy.
Saturday we went to a market and got lots of goodies including a lasagna dish for 2 euros! That’s the equivalent of about $2.50 people! Its nice and deep and the most beautiful color of chartreuse ever. I would show it, but it’s sitting in my sink dirty right now. 😀 We went for a long drive after that and discovered that we’re not as far from the sea as we had thought. Cale woke up in time to see the beach and got all excited. It was too windy to play though, and we were starving. After we found somewhere to eat something quick (thank goodness for bars!), we drove home. We weren’t home long before we headed out again to a nearby city, Ramacca for the Sagra Del Carciofi (Artichoke Festival.) I love how the cities really come alive at night. We saw a band playing that was really interesting. They looked Native American, sung in Italian, spoke Spanish, but dressed pretty American-ish. Cale loved watching them play.
The next day was supposed to be somewhat relaxing, but at the last minute a going away party for Kevin’s co-worker was moved to our house. We spent the morning cleaning, getting ready for the party. One of Kevin’s co-workers made so much food, we didn’t have to make anything! I still made deviled eggs though. Seriously, we still have enough to throw another party or two!

The phone rang and it was my best friend here. She had her baby at 2:30am. So I left the party to go see her and meet the newest member of our Sicilian family. Sweet little Giuliano has given us all baby fever I think! Cale’s obsessed with him. He kept going to look at him, and touch him and kiss him. This morning he informed me that Pooh Bear has a baby sister (He has a large Pooh and a small Pooh doll.)


This weekend will be just as busy. These are baskets I made for orphans. A 3 year old boy and a 19 year old girl. In Italy, it is quite normal for kids to live with their parents until they’re 30, sometimes forever! I was given no information on what to get them besides their names and ages. I really wish I could have found out what they need, but no one knew. So for the boy, I got him 2 coloring books, erasable crayons, 3 matchbox cars, spill-proof bubbles, pez and various American candies. Italian’s don’t do baskets; they do chocolate eggs with stuff inside them. So that’s what the big red Cars thing is.
The girl got a necklace, lipgloss, body pouf, lotion and body wash, a chocolate egg, pez, and other American candies as well.
I hope they like everything.

It looks like we have a fun weekend ahead of us with egg dying (though nowhere near as pretty as these), cupcake making (scroll down), egg hunting, chocolate eating, barbecue-ing, baby snuggling/ogling/coveting goodness. And maybe a little quiet time in my craft room as well. Happy Easter everyone!




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