Rambling about favorite color combos, bedding plans, and why I feel like a failure today

6 04 2007

My favorite colors. Sometimes I love the way my dishes look stacked together as they’re drying. This particular color combo always makes me smile. I find it in every room of my house.

jan-march2006 049
Like my bedroom. It took me so long to get my bedroom just right.
Sadly, my choices were not smart choices and my lovely quilt is covered in pills (which drive us nuts), the sheets help my dust bunnies be red, and the pillow cases are faded now. (Plus my husband insists that a king size blanket is too small!) Thinking about new bedding was kind of dreaded until I ran across this:
As usual, there are no ready made choices (at any price range) that fit my vision. I want a patchwork cotton duvet. In bright pretty colors (or at least not brown-y colors). This keeps me up at night. What I am thinking of doing is buying a few yards of fabric I like, either a khaki or white duvet, and maybe a bedspread from Urban Outfitters. Then I will sew squares over the duvet to make it patchwork-y. This solves the inside-being-finished problem. It also allows for some quilting. I’m quite happy with this idea. To solve the problem of being “too small”, I plan on sewing a flange of fabric around the sides and bottom. It’ll be a Franken-duvet! Now to convince Kevin.
(*By the way, does anyone else ever notice how the clothes in the closets for those adds always match the decor?)

Now onto being a failure. As my mom used to say before I even knew what she was talking about, my Auntie came to visit me today. This is not good news for someone who’s trying to get pregnant. Last month, it came with a cruel twist of fate. Right as I was peeing on a pregnancy test (I was 2 weeks late), my period came. So it’s here and not even nice and gentle. My stomach hurts so bad I feel like I need to throw up. Not even Aleve has killed the pain. And nothing can kill the pain in my heart or the feeling that its never going to happen. I feel like we’re running out of time. We have no clue where we will be in a year. If this is going to happen, it kind of needs to happen now. I was so certain this month would be the one…




4 responses

6 04 2007

I like your favorite colors…so cheerful! 🙂
Good luck on the bedding. I change ours every couple years because I can’t ever decide what I like.
Sorry about the very unwanted visitor. I understand. I really planned on being pregnant 9 months ago! I can’t believe it took this long. Ah well. I hope you get lucky quicker! 🙂

7 04 2007

I know exactly what you mean about the dishes…sometimes I arrange mine in the rack so they compliment each other…I even consider leaving them like that so if anyone comes over they’ll see my vintage crockery instead of it being put away in the cupboard! Weird!

10 04 2007

I’m so sorry, that’s crap! I sincerely know the feeling of total loss every month and nobody around you seeming to understand how tragic it is. And that you didn’t just get your period, you lost another chance at something so important.
I really am sorry and I’m keeping every thing crossed for next month.

11 04 2007

So, the colors are so cheerful. I wish the rooms in my house were 1/10th of what I would like them to be… and finally, 😦 Sorry about the unwanted visitor too. Good Luck, I hope it happens soon for you guys. On the bright side, at least your past the deciding phase. I keep bugging tony, but he’s not budging. 😦

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