This was the best part of my day:

9 04 2007

yo yo yo!

I’m thinking about starting a flickr group similar to Wardrobe remix but for kids. For kids with their own quirky sense of style. Like this crazy kid. Whose kid is this? What mom would let her kid wear long socks with shorts? Ahem.

I have no clue why he posed like this. Or where he learned it. But man it cracked me up. Thanks for being my sunshine, Cale.




2 responses

11 04 2007

LMAO! too funny! I have a similar pic of Carlee, might have to post it on my blog to show ya. 😀

13 04 2007

That is too cute! (okay but I really like the snail shirt smile a ton….) I think a kiddles wardrobe remix could be very fun. I know we get some preettyyy exciting combos around here! And thanks for stopping by my blog! Mighty nice of you to leave a comment!

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