Cleaning up

19 04 2007


I’ve spent the past week cleaning up, literally and figuratively. Houses without carpet make tons of dust bunnies.
Apparently so does life. After a play date from hell last week, I realized I need to re-evaluate several aspects of my life, especially parenting. So I got on the internet and searched “violent toddler” and ran across this site. So far the principles are working. I think this is a difficult age anyways and sometimes I still want to revert to threats of time out and spankings.
Another thing I’ve had to re-evaluate is friendships. It has come to my attention that a few people who I previously thought were friends, are indeed not. It had me feeling like the unpopular kid in high school again. I know I give people reasons not to like me. Different people always do. I would rather people openly despise me that pretend to like me. But I think I have a better grasp on things now.

Major feelings of wanderlust have been overwhelming me lately. Cheap train tickets all over Italy and cheap flights to and from London are making me want to pack my bags and get out of town now, now, now!!

I wish I had pictures of the crafting I’ve been doing lately, but it has mostly been for a swap with a very special blog friend. So instead I will leave you with pictures from the Sicilian pupi (similar to marionettes, only giant) show we went to last week.





Be back soon with pictures of some paintings I have been doing.



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