Some days are picture days

19 04 2007

I can go weeks for a time without taking pictures sometimes. Other times, I want to document every moment of our day. Today is such a day. (By the way, the earlier post was supposed to be written yesterday. I’m sure it would have been more legible yesterday too. Stupid computers.)

So what would make a person rearrange their whole living room, including relocating 2 large bookshelves by herself?
Can you see it? It’s there in the middle.

There it is. Something so small, but so special. It needed proper showcasing. I already have a clock in the dining room so I really wanted it in the living room. Cale and I look forward to every little cuckoo it makes. The wood cutter chops his wood and fills our hearts with glee and smiles light up our faces. And as usual, when something makes part of a family extremely happy, it drives the other part of the family crazy. All Kevin hears is tick tock tick tock (Or as the manual said tick tack – I love that!) We rule with the majority vote so better get earplugs, Mister! We bought it in Germany when we visited in December. I really just wanted a battery operated little one, but the same man who’s complaining, insisted on this one!

We spent a little bit of time outside this morning. I wanted to knit and drink hot tea and let Cale play. He had other ideas. He threw a huge violent temper tantrum (he picked up his rocket and threw it) because not only did I not want to play soccer, bu i wouldn’t let him play with my yarn ball that “I made for him” (I didn’t.)

So when he threw his rocket in the grass, who should crawl on it for a visit?
Cale’s old nemesis, Mr. Slug. I rescued his rocket from the wrath of the slug while we ew-ed at his sliminess and little gross antennae. After much coaxing, Cale still wouldn’t touch it and that thing started crawling towards my fingers. I wanted to sit it out on the sidewalk so a bird could eat it. Cale spared him though and we set him in the grass.

Here’s the bird who I would have fed him to. I think its a swallow. They kept flying up to the bee hive in the window. We love watching the birds. I tried so hard to get some in flight pictures, but no luck. Those guys are fast!

We looked a little in the garden. Look how pretty the color of this daffodil is! I pulled a few weeds the other day and broke out in itchy bumps all over my hand, so I didn’t touch anything today.

And last but not least, 2 paintings I have done in the past few days.
They are both supposed to be Cale. The sleepy one with the bunny is my favorite. The other one looks like a lady. I have no clue how to make it look boyish. He really does have long eyelashes and rosy cheeks. So I like it, but it doesn’t look like Cale. If you have any suggestions or can think of someone who it does look like, let me know.  I have someone in mind, just want to see if anyone agrees (although I don’t think her eyes are blue, maybe green though?)  Looks like it’s back to the drawing board canvas paper for a mother’s day present for my mother in law!

Cale saw it and said, you painted blue eyes! So I told him that he really does have blue eyes, to go look in the mirror. So he did. I watched his face light up as he realized that yes, they are indeed blue. So much to love about 3 year olds!




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28 04 2007

The paintings are cute, I love the rosy cheeks. 😀 lol about the slug. The first time Carlee found a snail we were at a friend’s house. She and her friend tried feeding it to the neighbors dogs. They weren’t too interested. hehe. Hope you get to do something fun this weekend. I think I’m going to try to make Tony take us to Agrigento Sunday, since he’s going to sleep today away. 🙂

1 05 2007

What darling paintings!

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