Smitten with knittin’ (and bunnies!)

28 04 2007


Sometime last week I picked up my yarn and needles and my copy of Stitch n Bitch and set forth to knit a scarf. I’m not sure why, considering it’s getting pretty warm here. I just saw a box of yarn sitting there, untouched since I ordered it. Well, if you recall I dyed some with koolaid, making someone make comments that made me want to laugh and puke at the same time! Thanks, Laura. 😀

I started knitting with no real aspirations of finishing, just knitting to knit. But man! It’s kind of easy! And my dreams of knitting lovely sweaters are looking achievable!

Sweaters, wrist bands, a scarf for Cale, and a swiffer cover.

If you have small children, or an affinity for cute things, you have probably noticed Zoopals Utensils at your grocery store. I think they are supposed to be disposable, but we wash ours. They come with 8 animal spoons, 8 forks, 4 knives and 4 spreaders. This is a bunny spreader. After being “stabbed” by a certain pirate son of mine for the hundredth time, I noticed how cute they would be as jewelry. So I recalled the directions for making plastic toothbrushes and utensils pliable by boiling them. It kind of worked. They bent, but not entirely cuff-like. After an hour of boiling and melting attempts in the oven, I grabbed my handy dremel tool and drilled holes, figuring I could rig something up. Two jump rings and a keychain later, I produced this.
Not the most efficient clasp (i need help to put it on), but it works until I can think of something better. Anyone think a 6 inch long pendant is “too much?”
While I was melting it in the oven, I grabbed the box looking for the recycle code to see if it was if it was code 6 (similar to shrinky dinks.) I found *no* recycle code at all! Meaning that not only are they disposable, but not even recyclable. So do your part and make them into jewelry too!

PS. Exciting news has come my way.  Nope, not a baby.  But something I’ve hoped and dreamt of for even longer than my desire to make Cale a baby sister (as he wants.)  😀   Not sure if I can share the news yet though.





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28 04 2007

Uh! How do you leave us hanging like that?!? Can’t wait to hear the news. 😀

I love the color of that scarf! Is that the one you dyed or bought? I’ve been crocheting a lot, I think I’m already addicted. I’ve got a pile of scarves, a hat, and a purse (another purse half done). I keep meaning to blog about it… oh well. I’ll get to that eventually… 😀 cute idea with the zoo pal thing too. I actually like the keychain on it the way it is. I always save those, but Tony usually ends up finding them and throwing them away. 😦

28 04 2007

aaaaiiiiieeee!!! suspense! the suspense is killing me!

and yeah, we wash those utencils too. they are darwin’s favorite. and his best. and they get stewn acros the floor all the time.

29 04 2007

Hopefully the good news is that you are coming home. Our kids are gonna all be strangers and weird cousins to each other like we were with ours. You and Jen just need to come on back to Texas. Yall are missed!!!! Of course bring your husbands anbd kids along too!!!

1 05 2007

Great scarf! I just learned how to knit thanks to the SnB Handbook and made that same scarf as my first project.

17 07 2007
It’s finally out!!! « Craft Junkie

[…] If you remember this post, this is the exciting news that I was talking about.  It was such a weird coincidence that just as […]

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