I’ll be MIA for a few days…

23 05 2007


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We’re going to the states for a few days. Under normal circumstances, we would be ecstatic. But as with most last minute trips, the circumstances are not good. I keep going from trying to cope and get things done to crying. What makes it worse, is trying to explain it to Cale. How do I explain that he will never see his Grandpa again? This is killing me.

Good-bye Jack. Although you must have not thought so, you will be missed. A lot.


Happy stuff

18 05 2007

Dancing boy
Cale dancing. He’s soaking wet from watering the garden.

Cale’s first pet, Tuga. I totally copied you, Laura. We spotted pets at the market and although Cale wanted a duck and I wanted a chicken, we got a turtle.

beach treasure
Treasures from the beach. Some look metallic? I know one thing is a piece of copper.

market flowers
Flowers from the market today. Got such a good deal I feel like I stole them! In case you can’t tell, gerber daisies are my favorite. The kellogs trivet is from a very good friend. She also got me a glass cutting board. Love it so much. Does she get me or what?

market yarn
And the best thing that has me swooning. Yarn. nice yarn. Nice yarn that cost next to nothing. Like so cheap, maybe I should have bought ALL of it! Every little skein of it! Okay honestly I’m not sure what the pink is for. Crochet lace thread, maybe? So what if I don’t know how to crochet? It’s gorgeous! I’ll use it. The black is 50% acrylic 50% wool. It’s for a scarf that I promised Cale. The green looks like it will be a bitch to knit with but I’m in love. It’s mohair and sooooo gorgeous. There were so many pretty ones, tweeds, variated, natural/un-dyed looking wools. Exactly what I’ve been looking for!!!

Last week I got a great deal on Linen. This week yarn. The markets have been good to me lately.

Also happy about getting a babysitter to watch Cale so we can take our friends to our favorite restaurant!

And Sew, Mama, Sew! Have you seen this shop? The oilcloth is killing me! Must find more oilcloth projects! I have so much already, but I need more. And cute fabric and patterns as well. SewMama will be getting my business soon! Please ship to me!!!

I’ve also been working on my SWAP (sew with a plan.) Patterns are ordered and on their way. Color scheme is red, aqua, apple green, white, black and khaki. Hey, no one said it had to be 2 colors did they? It works. I’m going for more of an Anthro look than a Lane Bryant look. And a few are recons so I can’t enter the contest. Oh well, it’s for me anyways.

Finally feeling better is good too. Damn allergies. I found the cure though. Vitamin C and saline spray for my nose. Oh and visine.

And my house is clean. Well, downstairs is clean. Clean enough. Next week is serious cleaning time. My mother in law will be here on the 26th.

Hope everyone else is finding lots of stuff to make them happy too.

Another travel post

10 05 2007

Maybe I should change my name to sicily junkie. I feel like a terminally ill patient who has only so long to live and wants to fill every moment possible with sweet things. We have about 9 1/2 months left here and I am determined to make as much of it as possible count! My love for Sicily has grown so much. I see the beauty, not the trash; the friendly smiles, not the stares. I gaze upon the beauty, determined to suck up as much as I can, so maybe I can remember it forever, as it is now, not as it will be.

We set out this weekend to go to a nature reserve. We almost didn’t go because it looked like rain. I’m so glad we chanced it! The drive was long but beautiful. Upon the way we saw a sign that said Parco Forzo in Cava Ispica. It was close to lunchtime so we decided to stop for a picnic. Once again, I’m so glad we did. Cava Ispica is a valley below the city of Ispica. It is an ancient village, comprised of caves carved in the mountain wall. Some were homes, burial grounds, convents, and churches. Most were homes though. As we oohed and aahed, we realized that not only were these once homes, but some people still live in them!!!

I think the larger spaces were for horses or mules, and the smaller spaces were the homes. The entire homes were about the size of my bathroom! So crazy.

From there, we found the nature reserve, walked along the beach, froze a little on a sunless day.

There were all these little ball things all over the beach. I have no clue what they were though. The only wildlife we saw were caterpillars. We had granita and drove on to find somewhere to stay for the night. The first few towns we tried were dead. It’s still off season, so nothing was open. We drove until we found a lovely agriturismo. Masseria Sul Mare was the best place we have ever stayed in Sicily. An agriturismo is a farm that has rooms to stay in, a restaurant made with locally produced food and usually has activities. The food was amazing. It was so peaceful and so perfect. The next day we walked out to the beach/cliffs.
So beautiful. We walked around cautiously with Cale very close at hand, then headed to the beach. We spent the next few hours running in and out of the water screaming. It was warm, but the current was strong. Cale has never liked the water before, so this is so exciting!

So that was last weekend. As you can tell, not a whole lot of crafting going on lately. Today I finally had time, but I napped it away. I’m feeling a little under the weather today, not sure what’s up. Maybe I will actually have some crafts done soon. My sewing machine misses me! I’m off for an afternoon cappuccino.
PS. More photos can be found here.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies!

Have a great weekend

4 05 2007

throwing rocks

Last weekend was perfect. We woke up Sunday to beautiful sunshine and blue skies. Kevin asked what I wanted to do more than anything. My reply, without hesitating was to repeat last year’s perfection. A picnic at my favorite beach. It’s so secluded and so special. Covered in pebbles, sea glass, and seashells, we spent the whole day occupied with nothing at all important.
Pile of rocks we collected.
Nothing more important than this, anyways. Kevin napped while Cale and I dug in the sand for every single rock and seashell that we could find near our blanket. I almost started worrying about being OCD, we were so precise in our digging. After a few hours, the area around our blanket was clean of seashells except for 2 large piles. We were both covered in sand but very content. Nothing could have been better.
Mom and Cale
I love this guy. I think he would agree that we had a really special day together.
One of the things I love most about the beaches here are the odd things you find. Whether it’s water smoothed tiles or a sunken boat, I’m always amazed.
Dad and Cale by old boat
And tons of babes around! Check out these 2! Woo-wee!
falconara flora e fauna
And the flowers that grow wild here. I’m sure my husband gets so sick of me sighing, “Oh, look at those flowers!”

So this weekend, we’re hoping for a repeat experience. New place though. How could we go wrong, armed with our new picnic basket and accessories? Nature reserves this weekend, instead of beaches by old castles (which by the way is now inaccessible due to the beach being washed away!) Maybe when the water’s not so freezing, or low tide, it will be again.

Picnic time

3 05 2007

You may have already seen what I sent to Jennifer. Now it’s my time to gloat. 😀 I think Jennifer must either be psychic or a spy. Either way, she knew that at Casa del Craft Junkie, we love to picnic.
Picnic time!
I can’t even tell you how excited I was to open this package. But then I did and as I pulled out gift after glorious gift, I couldn’t help but feel like she is the better swapper! Even my husband had to say, “I hope what you sent her was good!” Can you see that picnic basket? Too cute for words. With a matching picnic blanket (or tablecloth)! That would have been good enough on it’s own! But she spoiled me more. Melamine plates! Even as a child, the melamine plates were the special plates. And snacks that I definitely can’t buy here! Cale may have already swiped them. The blue bottle looks tasty, but don’t drink it! It’s bubbles. We’ve already filled the backyard with bubbles. And played frisbee too. It’s soft so it no bruises from catching (or getting hit by it because you can’t catch.)
cutlery role
The sweetest cutlery role I’ve ever seen. No more sandy forks! Yay! The ribbon is so pretty. And notice how well everything coordinates! That Jennifer is clever!
embroidered napkins and recipes
Embroidered napkins. So perfect. I’ve been procrastinating making some for myself. Recipe cards too. It’s funny because I sent her some too! Great minds think alike.
magazines, headband and art kit
Again, we thought alike. Same pattern for the headband. Magazines and wait, what’s in the box?
portable art kit
It’s a portable art kit! With pastels! I’ve been wanting pastels! I can’t wait to use them.

cale looking for bugs
And here’s Cale’s favorite thing ever. A bug catching kit. He has talked about it all day. It even makes cricket noises (there are no crickets here.)
Looking for ants to grab with the tweezers
And here he is attempting to catch ants. I’m trying to talk him into catching a slug…

So thank you Jennifer. So much. I will think of you every time we picnic. Hope that’s not creepy! 😀