Have a great weekend

4 05 2007

throwing rocks

Last weekend was perfect. We woke up Sunday to beautiful sunshine and blue skies. Kevin asked what I wanted to do more than anything. My reply, without hesitating was to repeat last year’s perfection. A picnic at my favorite beach. It’s so secluded and so special. Covered in pebbles, sea glass, and seashells, we spent the whole day occupied with nothing at all important.
Pile of rocks we collected.
Nothing more important than this, anyways. Kevin napped while Cale and I dug in the sand for every single rock and seashell that we could find near our blanket. I almost started worrying about being OCD, we were so precise in our digging. After a few hours, the area around our blanket was clean of seashells except for 2 large piles. We were both covered in sand but very content. Nothing could have been better.
Mom and Cale
I love this guy. I think he would agree that we had a really special day together.
One of the things I love most about the beaches here are the odd things you find. Whether it’s water smoothed tiles or a sunken boat, I’m always amazed.
Dad and Cale by old boat
And tons of babes around! Check out these 2! Woo-wee!
falconara flora e fauna
And the flowers that grow wild here. I’m sure my husband gets so sick of me sighing, “Oh, look at those flowers!”

So this weekend, we’re hoping for a repeat experience. New place though. How could we go wrong, armed with our new picnic basket and accessories? Nature reserves this weekend, instead of beaches by old castles (which by the way is now inaccessible due to the beach being washed away!) Maybe when the water’s not so freezing, or low tide, it will be again.



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4 05 2007

Glad you had a great time at the beach. I hope you have fun at the nature reserve too. Wish we could go. Dang duty days. 😦 I love the wildflowers here too. Had fun at the lunch today. Sorry I had to leave early. See you later 😀

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