Happy stuff

18 05 2007

Dancing boy
Cale dancing. He’s soaking wet from watering the garden.

Cale’s first pet, Tuga. I totally copied you, Laura. We spotted pets at the market and although Cale wanted a duck and I wanted a chicken, we got a turtle.

beach treasure
Treasures from the beach. Some look metallic? I know one thing is a piece of copper.

market flowers
Flowers from the market today. Got such a good deal I feel like I stole them! In case you can’t tell, gerber daisies are my favorite. The kellogs trivet is from a very good friend. She also got me a glass cutting board. Love it so much. Does she get me or what?

market yarn
And the best thing that has me swooning. Yarn. nice yarn. Nice yarn that cost next to nothing. Like so cheap, maybe I should have bought ALL of it! Every little skein of it! Okay honestly I’m not sure what the pink is for. Crochet lace thread, maybe? So what if I don’t know how to crochet? It’s gorgeous! I’ll use it. The black is 50% acrylic 50% wool. It’s for a scarf that I promised Cale. The green looks like it will be a bitch to knit with but I’m in love. It’s mohair and sooooo gorgeous. There were so many pretty ones, tweeds, variated, natural/un-dyed looking wools. Exactly what I’ve been looking for!!!

Last week I got a great deal on Linen. This week yarn. The markets have been good to me lately.

Also happy about getting a babysitter to watch Cale so we can take our friends to our favorite restaurant!

And Sew, Mama, Sew! Have you seen this shop? The oilcloth is killing me! Must find more oilcloth projects! I have so much already, but I need more. And cute fabric and patterns as well. SewMama will be getting my business soon! Please ship to me!!!

I’ve also been working on my SWAP (sew with a plan.) Patterns are ordered and on their way. Color scheme is red, aqua, apple green, white, black and khaki. Hey, no one said it had to be 2 colors did they? It works. I’m going for more of an Anthro look than a Lane Bryant look. And a few are recons so I can’t enter the contest. Oh well, it’s for me anyways.

Finally feeling better is good too. Damn allergies. I found the cure though. Vitamin C and saline spray for my nose. Oh and visine.

And my house is clean. Well, downstairs is clean. Clean enough. Next week is serious cleaning time. My mother in law will be here on the 26th.

Hope everyone else is finding lots of stuff to make them happy too.



2 responses

18 05 2007
jennifer w.

Here’s to happy! Can’t wait to see your new wardrobe!

19 05 2007

tuga is so cute! and tiny!

we should totally have a playdate!!!

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