I’ll be MIA for a few days…

23 05 2007


Originally uploaded by jkf_1948.

We’re going to the states for a few days. Under normal circumstances, we would be ecstatic. But as with most last minute trips, the circumstances are not good. I keep going from trying to cope and get things done to crying. What makes it worse, is trying to explain it to Cale. How do I explain that he will never see his Grandpa again? This is killing me.

Good-bye Jack. Although you must have not thought so, you will be missed. A lot.



6 responses

23 05 2007
jennifer w.

So sorry, sweetie. I’ll be thinking about you guys…

23 05 2007

Hey Emy, Regan here. I’m so sorry for your loss give Kevin a hug for me. If you dont know yet I am living in Norfolk. Email me for more details. Raygunserrano@yahoo.com. xoxoxox Regan

23 05 2007

oh, i’m so sorry.

24 05 2007

you guys are in my thoughts. Again, I’m so sorry. Let me know if you need anything else done here. Take Care.

25 05 2007

My condolences to you and your family.

26 05 2007

Oh I so wish that this was a ‘happy’ trip. My condolences to all of you who loved him.
Give the little one a hug from all of us ‘out here’

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