spilling the beans

20 06 2007

no crafting lately so I’ll participate in the meme about sharing 7 random things about myself.

  1. If you were to show up unannounced to my house lately, you would find me in pajamas and you would see toys everywhere.  No matter what of day it was, it would look like I just woke up.
  2. I have nightmares a lot.  I seem to have passed this onto Cale as well.
  3. I love to buy clothes, but I would rather buy tons of cheap clothes, than 1 expensive item.  Exceptions are shoes and bras.  I can spend lots of money on those.
  4. My favorite foods right now are cocoa krispies and baked potatoes.  Not together.
  5. Sometimes I say stuff, making fun of it and before I know it, it has become part of my regular vocabulary.  When I was in Texas, I had to consciously stop myself from using a very thick accent before it became real.
  6. Despite buying lots of cool craft supplies while in the states, I have not touched any of it.  My sewing machine is stacked under a pile of fabric.  I think it’s crying for help, but I can’t hear it.  Right now I would just rather sleep than craft.
  7. Because despite all of my previous crying and whining, I conceived, and Cale will be a big brother in January.  And its kind of scary now that it’s real.  But also very exhausting.  And happy. 

Home again

11 06 2007

Thank you to everyone for your kind words during our time of grief.  It was completely unexpected and is still so hard to accept. 

We’re home after an exhausting flight, still trying to get back on schedule.  I say we, but I should mention that it’s just me and Cale.  My husband left this morning for a few weeks.  Our original plans were for us to go with him, but after this, the very thought of an airport makes me want to vomit uncontrollably.  Yes it was that awful.

I often notice that our life is like one of those movies where things just keep going wrong, one thing after another.  The ones where people think that surely no one has that much bad luck.  Well they do.  In February, my dad was supposed to visit but my grandpa died.  So his trip had to be cancelled.  AN hour before my mother in law found was about to leave for the airport to visit us, she got the bad news.  So we flew to see her instead.  So things are going as well as can be expected, until we get home.  After the previously mentioned awful flight (who by the way lost our luggage), we arrive home to a flat tire on our truck.  No big deal, we have a spare.  But then Kevin realizes we have no gas coupons.  We buy gas coupons here to make the gas prices comparable to what’s in the states.  So not only do we have no gas coupons, but our account is frozen until we get an inspection.  Even if we did have them, we arrived home during a gas strike.  So back to the inspection – we’re pretty sure we won’t pass because we have a small crack in our windsheild.  So say that we do pass.  I don’t have permission to go take the paperwork up there and get our account unfrozen.  Awesome.  Thank goodness for friends who are willing to help us out.

We got our luggage back though.  I’m kinda sorta unpacked.  Laundry is sky high and my house is gross but at this point, its sleep or clean.  And I keep choosing sleep.  Luckily Cale’s with me on that.  He’s a good kid.  Let’s see if I still think that in a few weeks…