spilling the beans

20 06 2007

no crafting lately so I’ll participate in the meme about sharing 7 random things about myself.

  1. If you were to show up unannounced to my house lately, you would find me in pajamas and you would see toys everywhere.  No matter what of day it was, it would look like I just woke up.
  2. I have nightmares a lot.  I seem to have passed this onto Cale as well.
  3. I love to buy clothes, but I would rather buy tons of cheap clothes, than 1 expensive item.  Exceptions are shoes and bras.  I can spend lots of money on those.
  4. My favorite foods right now are cocoa krispies and baked potatoes.  Not together.
  5. Sometimes I say stuff, making fun of it and before I know it, it has become part of my regular vocabulary.  When I was in Texas, I had to consciously stop myself from using a very thick accent before it became real.
  6. Despite buying lots of cool craft supplies while in the states, I have not touched any of it.  My sewing machine is stacked under a pile of fabric.  I think it’s crying for help, but I can’t hear it.  Right now I would just rather sleep than craft.
  7. Because despite all of my previous crying and whining, I conceived, and Cale will be a big brother in January.  And its kind of scary now that it’s real.  But also very exhausting.  And happy. 



6 responses

20 06 2007

i was about to say, “hmmmm… maybe you’re pregnant” and then you revealed it in number seven.

so hey, you are being creative. you’re creating one of the most importantest things ever.

21 06 2007
jennifer w.

Congratulations, you! I am soooo excited for you!!

21 06 2007

pj’s rule! Congrats on the new little one!

22 06 2007

Another one? I haven’t even met Cale yet! Congrats you lucky lady. Come back to the states so i can see you!

22 06 2007

yay 😀 I’m so happy for you. I also agree with #3. I’m the same way. I was actually just thinking this morning (while looking at my overstuffed closet with tons of things I don’t wear but were ON SALE!), “Man, if I didn’t buy so many things that I don’t wear, I could afford something really nice that I absolutely love.” But like I’ll change. ha.
PS what’s wrong with a texan accent? lol 😛
See ya later!

29 06 2007

Congratulations! 🙂

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