Marie Claire Idees Summer issue

31 07 2007

On my trip back from America in June, we had a layover in Germany. I took full advantage and hit the newsstand. I love magazines and was hoping to find Ottobre. Plenty of Burdas, but I prefer my Burda in Italian, where I can at least somewhat translate it. As I was about to give up, I spotted the coveted Marie Claire Idees. Its a French craft magazine and is full of wonderful eye candy and inspiration. I’ve already seen some stuff posted at Allsorts, so here’s a few more that I liked. The Allsorts link shows some of my faves so check it out too.
Cute embroidery

Aren’t these dolls the cutest? I think they’re about the size of a Blythe doll. (But cuter, IMO.) 25 euro. I wonder how shipping would work.

Italian Vacation. The little purse is so cute. And the vespa cracks me up.

I love these mirrors. I’m not sure what they’re made with. I’m thinking some kind of clay, maybe salt dough? They remind me of something I would see in a 70’s craft book. But instead of being hokey, they’re pretty.

This is so amazing! A lady made from chicken wire. Imagine it covered in vines. Too pretty!

Colorful storage ideas always catch my eye.

Like this monochromatic one.

This is something I have been thinking about for a while. I saw a knitted one over at Knitty, so I figured an umbrella could be recovered with fabrics as well. I would love to do this for my outdoor patio one.

I love this idea, maybe not the way it’s done here, but with way cuter fabric, this would be awesome.

Look! It’s a vacation article about my favorite place ever. 😀 This picture is of Acitrezza, the place where my husband goes diving.

This is an ad for a kitchen magazine. This pink kitchen makes my heart hurt. Its so lovely. It makes me wish that my husband were either a little more colorblind or ambivalent to my choices for decor.

Hope you enjoyed!


Summertime blues

30 07 2007

Is anyone else hating summer? The heat, the endless sunny blue skies, the way even the simplest cooking heats up the house too much and makes my legs turn to jelly.
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This is what I see every single day*.  Don’t get me wrong, its beautiful, but day after day of seeing the same blue sky, unmarred by even a tiny cloud gets to me.  Of course I feel like this every year around this time.  Its because we have not had a single drop of rain all summer.  To me the best days are rainy days, with the windows open so you can hear the pretty song it makes.  The breeze is cool and the air smells clean.  On those days, its okay to sit around and have an easy day.  The weather demands it!  On sunny days though, it feels like you should be out doing stuff, not sitting around.  But when its 100 degrees and up, there’s no getting me out of the house.

I am just really ready for Autumn already!  Boots and cute pantyhose!  Soups! Sitting outside while drinking hot tea!  Pumpkins and pumpkin flavored foods!  I looooove Autumn.  Even without the trees.

But here we are with it still over a month away.  August is the worst month here.  Besides the heat, the entire country goes on vacation so the stuff that is open is too crowded.  A month of sitting at home sprinkled with base visits does not appeal to me either though.  Good think I have my crafts.

*(This is an old photo taken when we first moved in.  Although it’s 2 years old, this is still what it looks like everyday.)

So here’s a few things that I’m enjoying lately.

  •  Free People.  The new catalog is so awesome.  It’s filled with inspirational ideas.  If you love clothes like I do and are cheap but can sew, this may inspire you.
  • Fabric matcher.  This cool site is partnered with Hancock’s of Paducah (one of my fave sources) and lets you search through their fabric to see how they look together.
  • eShatki.  Really beautiful clothing with inexpensive prices.  I love it all.
  • Scrumdilly-do tutorials, especially this one.  I love kid’s projects that end up very nice looking.  Looks like this will make a great b-day card for a certain birthday Dad I know.
  • Having 4 blocks left to piece together for a quilt that is long overdue.
  • My friend’s baby.  He is getting to this really cute age where he smiles and giggles a lot.  And he recognizes me.  He gives me courage and makes me realize that I can do this again.  Giuliano rocks.
  • Thinking up really funny names for my unborn baby.  Although we have had first names picked out for over a year now, they will not be revealed until the baby’s birth.  Middle names are fun to think about though.  Especially the ones that crack me up.  Like Giaccamo (Jack-a-mo.)  I mentioned this one jokingly and my husband really likes it.
  • Cheez-it
  • Cale running around “casting spells” on us.  Its so funny.  He thinks he’s Harry Potter.
  • Lots of projects in the works and knowing that at the end of September, my free time will significantly increase because Cale is starting preschool.
  • My nausea is 99% gone now.

And I leave you with one question for thought.  I read it on another blog and it was really inspiring.

If you had an extra 10 hours a week  to yourself, what would you do with the time?  What can you sacrifice to get this time?

I have an extra 20 hours a week and I realized how much I have been wasting!   How much time can you get back?

Confessions, heartbreak and hope

20 07 2007

Patchwork & Linen pants


  • I cheated.  See those pants?  I was supposed to make them.  They’re made of linen which I bought, but I didn’t buy enough of.  So I bought some at the market.  2 pairs.  And I love them.  The ironic part is that if I used these pants as a pattern, I would have enough fabric.  Note to self, when you find inexpensive linen, always buy way more than you thought you needed.
  • See the patchwork squares? I started this project months ago for a baby who has already been born.  He’s 3 1/2 months old now.  This is all I have done.  I’m trying to get it done before my ultrasound next month where I find out the sex of my own baby.
  • I sewed for the first time in about 2 months.  It feels great.
  • Even though I’m on a spending hiatus,  I couldn’t help but check out the sale at Hancock’s of Paducah.  And wouldn’t you know it, there’s some beauties on sale.
  • Apparently I suck at grasping the concept of time.  That it passes.  I just told a neighbor that we had 9 months here.  We did some math yesterday.  Turns out its closer to 7 months, perhaps less.
  • You can tell the level of my panicking by how clean my house is, particularly my kitchen.  Let’s just say, I can see my reflection in anything that’s shiny.

Heartbreak and Hope

It has come to the time where we have to decide on what to do next.  Right now my husband is set on getting out of the Navy.  Luckily he has a great job that transfers nicely to the civilian world, and plenty of education and certifications in his field.  So we have 2 options.  One is to stay working for the government and we could end up anywhere, the other is to move to where we want (sorry, can’t reveal this info yet) and get a civilian job.  I’ve never seen him so excited about anything.  He has been working on his resume like a grad student working on a thesis (I feel kind of sorry for whoever has to read it.)  I love that he’s excited.  I do.  He comes home every day with a new exciting scenario of what might happen.  And this is what’s killing me.  It’s so hard for me to know what to do at this point.  I’m kind of having a baby in January, you know.  So panic is setting in.  Yesterday eh mentioned the idea that Cale and I would go back to the states early and he would be with us the next month (I can only fly for so long!)  The idea that caused such excitement for him, made me cry.  I love it, but the thought of leaving here is so hard.  I love it here so much.  And I realized that in my heart, I never thought we would leave.

But hope comes on the form of house buying.   I have about 6 house plans picked out in different neighborhoods in the area that he’s looking in.  That part is so exciting.  I miss owning a house.  There’s so many other great things to look forward to as well.

I’ll be so glad when things are a tad bit more decided.  Until then, I have crafting and fervently cleaning to keep me busy.

It’s finally out!!!

17 07 2007

When my first August magazine arrived this month, I compulsively checked the Bust magazine website to see when the new issue would be out.  And while I always look forward to a new issue of any magazine, I truly love Bust, reading it cover to cover the day it arrives.  But this month is even better.  Why, you ask?   Because yours truly has an article in it. If you click here, you can preview the magazine by clicking on the lower corner.  Click 3 times to see a small piece of my article on bath bombs.

If you’re so inclined, Bust can be purchased at your local Barnes and Noble or Borders bookstore.  Or here, the Rosario Dawson issue.

I’ll post pictures once my copy arrives.  I was hoping to wait until I had it in hand but, like the dork I am, I’m just too excited to wait.  Just ask Cale about the huge deal I made about it this morning.

PS.  If you remember this post, this is the exciting news that I was talking about.  It was such a weird coincidence that just as I picked up my copy of Stitch and Bitch to learn a bit more about knitting, one of Debbie’s editors contacted me about writing an article.  So weird, but it made it even more special.  I must have floated on clouds for weeks.

But on a sad note, I had been so excited to tell my father-in-law about the article, because I know he would have “got it.”  And I know he would have been proud.  I never got to tell him about the baby either.  😦

Wednesday was be a good mom day

13 07 2007

Says me. In an effort to get off my bum and make my child happy, I decided to make Wednesday The Best Day Ever.

We made pinwheels

So we made pinwheels, slightly based on this tutorial at Allsorts. Of course hers are cuter, but I needed ours to have elements that Cale could do as well. So we each colored 2 squares, I laminated them with contact paper to make them sturdy and keep the layers together, then I cut them out. If I did it again, they would be much smaller, probably from 5″x5″ squares and skip the contact paper. Not worth the hassle. But Cale loved them.

The we had a picnic outside (it was a nice breezy day), while we filled up his pool. He likes his pool about 6 inches deep so it doesn’t take long. After he ate, I got down a bag of candy from Easter and we tried to put a dent in it. Notice I said tried. We skipped nap time and played outside until he got bored.

As usual my plans backfired and he was whiny and mean by 3pm. And it lasted for the rest of the day. So much for trying too hard. 😀 He better be glad he’s cute!

making funny faces

Cute bed head boy

And 2 cute bed head shots, just because. His face is red, because he was eating cinnamon toast. It’s his favorite and he can make it almost by himself.

My weekend

11 07 2007

There are times when I read certain blogs (not anyone who reads mine, by the way) and their lives seem so perfect and so happy that I hate them. They gush on and on about how much they love their children, right as I’m trying not to strangle my own. Their homes are immaculate and have been in magazines, while I’m trying to not break my neck on spilled legos. You know the ones. And I have to admit that no, my life is not perfect. And probably never will be. And seriously who would want perfection? And what does this have to do with my weekend? Well this weekend was about as perfect as it gets. I had those special moments with my son that beach trips often bring. I relaxed, I feel refreshed and all new. Well, at least back to normal.

july 4th weekend

The weekend was spent on the northwestern tip of Sicily.   We visited a nature reserve that required tons of hiking and I survived it!  Whew!  It was worth it.  All of it.

  1. Cale’s first funny face – monster eyes.
  2. A view of the beach at Zingaro Nature Reserve
  3. Cale decided to rock climb.
  4. But playing with rocks is fun too.
  5.  Cale and his dad hiked to some caves.  He found “a knife for a knight to fight dragons.”  And the caves were filled with “really nice bats.”
  6. On the way home, we stopped in the medieval town of Erice.
  7. There were 3 castles which of course delighted the boy who is obsessed with knights and princesses.  Cale said the little castle was his and the big castle was mine, since I’m a princess.  Dad’s a dragon.  PS. My castle is a hotel!
  8. From the castles, you can see the sea.
  9. We also stopped at Segesta, to see a Greek temple.
  10. This place was huge.  Can you see me?
  11. Sooooo amazing.
  12. Sooo handsome!
  13. I took this one.  The temple is in the countryside, which is rare in Sicily.
  14. Another Erice picture.  We could have spent days here taking pictures.
  15. Another beach picture.  The water was as clear as drinking water.  However, it was the saltiest water I have ever been in.  Turns out its near salt mines.
  16. The water by this rock was so shallow and gentle.  And there was a little cave too.

So now I’m back home and I feel better than I have in a long time.  I even washed all of my new fabric to get some sewing done soon!

Cool scrapbook supplies from a surprising source*

2 07 2007

First, thank you to everyone who sent me kind messages about my pregnancy.  I’m still feeling ill so I still have not been crafting.  Plenty of craft planning though.

I get so many catalogs in the mail. One that I have really been enjoying looking at is from Oriental Trading Company.  No it’s not filled with cheap party favors and supplies.  Its for scrapbooking.  Now, I’m not much of a  scrapbooker (I never finished Cale’s baby book!), but I am always drawn to cool paper supplies.  And I love making cards. 

otc wish list

I put together a little collage of stuff that I think is cool. They have this line of paper called Homecooking.   I am so in love with it and I want it all.  There’s even a recipe card kit.  There’s cute reversible paper (I would love fabrics like these!), clear stamps for making recipe cards, alphabet letters and kitchen themed stickers, metallic accents, cute retro ribbons and brads.  I’m not sure how I feel about reversible paper.  It seems like a lot of cuteness goes to waste.  For some projects though, I can see it’s purpose. 

I never realized how much I need brads in my life until this catalog came to my mail.  At first I was like what’s with all the brads?  Then I saw tiny ones in bright colors and glittered ones (not pictured.)  And then really cute themed ones, like these fruit and drinks ones, and the rockets and cars.  They also have really cute ant ones.

Stamps.  They have stamps.  And stamp pads.  And you can buy many colors at a time for pretty cheap. I like these Hawaiian and picnic themed ones a lot.  They also have them in sets for making invitations and cards. 

The baby animals are more brads.  They are cute, cute, cute!  And check out the pink glitter chipboard letters.  I really like alphabet stickers and the next set are really random and pretty.  The last set are 70s style and they’re cute as well. 

In addition to all this goodness, they have blank cards, card making sets, cool accordian journals, glitters, glues, punches, buttons in huge bags, and tons of other stuff that is amazing. 

The website is confusing to find stuff, so I would order a catalog.  They also have catalogs for early learning supplies as well.  Cale looks through them and points out all the cool toys. 

*I have no affiliation with Oriental Trading Company.  I just wanted to spread the word on a pretty cheap site that sells awesome supplies.  And because the Homecooking set is so adorable, I had to share it. 

I hope to have more posts in the near future.  I bought an issue of Marie Claire Idees that I’m dying to share with everyone.