Cool scrapbook supplies from a surprising source*

2 07 2007

First, thank you to everyone who sent me kind messages about my pregnancy.  I’m still feeling ill so I still have not been crafting.  Plenty of craft planning though.

I get so many catalogs in the mail. One that I have really been enjoying looking at is from Oriental Trading Company.  No it’s not filled with cheap party favors and supplies.  Its for scrapbooking.  Now, I’m not much of a  scrapbooker (I never finished Cale’s baby book!), but I am always drawn to cool paper supplies.  And I love making cards. 

otc wish list

I put together a little collage of stuff that I think is cool. They have this line of paper called Homecooking.   I am so in love with it and I want it all.  There’s even a recipe card kit.  There’s cute reversible paper (I would love fabrics like these!), clear stamps for making recipe cards, alphabet letters and kitchen themed stickers, metallic accents, cute retro ribbons and brads.  I’m not sure how I feel about reversible paper.  It seems like a lot of cuteness goes to waste.  For some projects though, I can see it’s purpose. 

I never realized how much I need brads in my life until this catalog came to my mail.  At first I was like what’s with all the brads?  Then I saw tiny ones in bright colors and glittered ones (not pictured.)  And then really cute themed ones, like these fruit and drinks ones, and the rockets and cars.  They also have really cute ant ones.

Stamps.  They have stamps.  And stamp pads.  And you can buy many colors at a time for pretty cheap. I like these Hawaiian and picnic themed ones a lot.  They also have them in sets for making invitations and cards. 

The baby animals are more brads.  They are cute, cute, cute!  And check out the pink glitter chipboard letters.  I really like alphabet stickers and the next set are really random and pretty.  The last set are 70s style and they’re cute as well. 

In addition to all this goodness, they have blank cards, card making sets, cool accordian journals, glitters, glues, punches, buttons in huge bags, and tons of other stuff that is amazing. 

The website is confusing to find stuff, so I would order a catalog.  They also have catalogs for early learning supplies as well.  Cale looks through them and points out all the cool toys. 

*I have no affiliation with Oriental Trading Company.  I just wanted to spread the word on a pretty cheap site that sells awesome supplies.  And because the Homecooking set is so adorable, I had to share it. 

I hope to have more posts in the near future.  I bought an issue of Marie Claire Idees that I’m dying to share with everyone. 




2 responses

3 07 2007

oooo, cute!

i get that in sometimes and flip through it. i’m so snotting when it comes to not wanting to pay shipping charges though.

11 07 2007

Hey, I know what you mean about Oriental Trading Co. I used to work there as a phone order taker, and I was always amazed at the little things you could find! Your trip looks fabulous!

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