Wednesday was be a good mom day

13 07 2007

Says me. In an effort to get off my bum and make my child happy, I decided to make Wednesday The Best Day Ever.

We made pinwheels

So we made pinwheels, slightly based on this tutorial at Allsorts. Of course hers are cuter, but I needed ours to have elements that Cale could do as well. So we each colored 2 squares, I laminated them with contact paper to make them sturdy and keep the layers together, then I cut them out. If I did it again, they would be much smaller, probably from 5″x5″ squares and skip the contact paper. Not worth the hassle. But Cale loved them.

The we had a picnic outside (it was a nice breezy day), while we filled up his pool. He likes his pool about 6 inches deep so it doesn’t take long. After he ate, I got down a bag of candy from Easter and we tried to put a dent in it. Notice I said tried. We skipped nap time and played outside until he got bored.

As usual my plans backfired and he was whiny and mean by 3pm. And it lasted for the rest of the day. So much for trying too hard. 😀 He better be glad he’s cute!

making funny faces

Cute bed head boy

And 2 cute bed head shots, just because. His face is red, because he was eating cinnamon toast. It’s his favorite and he can make it almost by himself.



2 responses

14 07 2007

best. hair. ever.

16 07 2007

Awww that’s so cute!!! Love the hair lol


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