It’s finally out!!!

17 07 2007

When my first August magazine arrived this month, I compulsively checked the Bust magazine website to see when the new issue would be out.  And while I always look forward to a new issue of any magazine, I truly love Bust, reading it cover to cover the day it arrives.  But this month is even better.  Why, you ask?   Because yours truly has an article in it. If you click here, you can preview the magazine by clicking on the lower corner.  Click 3 times to see a small piece of my article on bath bombs.

If you’re so inclined, Bust can be purchased at your local Barnes and Noble or Borders bookstore.  Or here, the Rosario Dawson issue.

I’ll post pictures once my copy arrives.  I was hoping to wait until I had it in hand but, like the dork I am, I’m just too excited to wait.  Just ask Cale about the huge deal I made about it this morning.

PS.  If you remember this post, this is the exciting news that I was talking about.  It was such a weird coincidence that just as I picked up my copy of Stitch and Bitch to learn a bit more about knitting, one of Debbie’s editors contacted me about writing an article.  So weird, but it made it even more special.  I must have floated on clouds for weeks.

But on a sad note, I had been so excited to tell my father-in-law about the article, because I know he would have “got it.”  And I know he would have been proud.  I never got to tell him about the baby either.  😦



2 responses

17 07 2007
jennifer w.

Wow! What incredible news! So excited to check this out in person!! Congratulations!

18 07 2007


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