Summertime blues

30 07 2007

Is anyone else hating summer? The heat, the endless sunny blue skies, the way even the simplest cooking heats up the house too much and makes my legs turn to jelly.
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This is what I see every single day*.  Don’t get me wrong, its beautiful, but day after day of seeing the same blue sky, unmarred by even a tiny cloud gets to me.  Of course I feel like this every year around this time.  Its because we have not had a single drop of rain all summer.  To me the best days are rainy days, with the windows open so you can hear the pretty song it makes.  The breeze is cool and the air smells clean.  On those days, its okay to sit around and have an easy day.  The weather demands it!  On sunny days though, it feels like you should be out doing stuff, not sitting around.  But when its 100 degrees and up, there’s no getting me out of the house.

I am just really ready for Autumn already!  Boots and cute pantyhose!  Soups! Sitting outside while drinking hot tea!  Pumpkins and pumpkin flavored foods!  I looooove Autumn.  Even without the trees.

But here we are with it still over a month away.  August is the worst month here.  Besides the heat, the entire country goes on vacation so the stuff that is open is too crowded.  A month of sitting at home sprinkled with base visits does not appeal to me either though.  Good think I have my crafts.

*(This is an old photo taken when we first moved in.  Although it’s 2 years old, this is still what it looks like everyday.)

So here’s a few things that I’m enjoying lately.

  •  Free People.  The new catalog is so awesome.  It’s filled with inspirational ideas.  If you love clothes like I do and are cheap but can sew, this may inspire you.
  • Fabric matcher.  This cool site is partnered with Hancock’s of Paducah (one of my fave sources) and lets you search through their fabric to see how they look together.
  • eShatki.  Really beautiful clothing with inexpensive prices.  I love it all.
  • Scrumdilly-do tutorials, especially this one.  I love kid’s projects that end up very nice looking.  Looks like this will make a great b-day card for a certain birthday Dad I know.
  • Having 4 blocks left to piece together for a quilt that is long overdue.
  • My friend’s baby.  He is getting to this really cute age where he smiles and giggles a lot.  And he recognizes me.  He gives me courage and makes me realize that I can do this again.  Giuliano rocks.
  • Thinking up really funny names for my unborn baby.  Although we have had first names picked out for over a year now, they will not be revealed until the baby’s birth.  Middle names are fun to think about though.  Especially the ones that crack me up.  Like Giaccamo (Jack-a-mo.)  I mentioned this one jokingly and my husband really likes it.
  • Cheez-it
  • Cale running around “casting spells” on us.  Its so funny.  He thinks he’s Harry Potter.
  • Lots of projects in the works and knowing that at the end of September, my free time will significantly increase because Cale is starting preschool.
  • My nausea is 99% gone now.

And I leave you with one question for thought.  I read it on another blog and it was really inspiring.

If you had an extra 10 hours a week  to yourself, what would you do with the time?  What can you sacrifice to get this time?

I have an extra 20 hours a week and I realized how much I have been wasting!   How much time can you get back?



3 responses

30 07 2007

the heat… gah, the heat. i Do Not Understand people who like summer.

30 07 2007

Gosh, know just what you mean…We’re in Caltanissetta (right in the middle of Sicily) and I swear every morning I get up hoping for rain, or at least a cloudy sky. Gets you just HATE the sunshine.

31 07 2007

I totally agree with you… I love autumn too!
I don’t know what I would do if I had an extra 10 hours a week… I would probably read or sleep or go out…

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