Marie Claire Idees Summer issue

31 07 2007

On my trip back from America in June, we had a layover in Germany. I took full advantage and hit the newsstand. I love magazines and was hoping to find Ottobre. Plenty of Burdas, but I prefer my Burda in Italian, where I can at least somewhat translate it. As I was about to give up, I spotted the coveted Marie Claire Idees. Its a French craft magazine and is full of wonderful eye candy and inspiration. I’ve already seen some stuff posted at Allsorts, so here’s a few more that I liked. The Allsorts link shows some of my faves so check it out too.
Cute embroidery

Aren’t these dolls the cutest? I think they’re about the size of a Blythe doll. (But cuter, IMO.) 25 euro. I wonder how shipping would work.

Italian Vacation. The little purse is so cute. And the vespa cracks me up.

I love these mirrors. I’m not sure what they’re made with. I’m thinking some kind of clay, maybe salt dough? They remind me of something I would see in a 70’s craft book. But instead of being hokey, they’re pretty.

This is so amazing! A lady made from chicken wire. Imagine it covered in vines. Too pretty!

Colorful storage ideas always catch my eye.

Like this monochromatic one.

This is something I have been thinking about for a while. I saw a knitted one over at Knitty, so I figured an umbrella could be recovered with fabrics as well. I would love to do this for my outdoor patio one.

I love this idea, maybe not the way it’s done here, but with way cuter fabric, this would be awesome.

Look! It’s a vacation article about my favorite place ever. 😀 This picture is of Acitrezza, the place where my husband goes diving.

This is an ad for a kitchen magazine. This pink kitchen makes my heart hurt. Its so lovely. It makes me wish that my husband were either a little more colorblind or ambivalent to my choices for decor.

Hope you enjoyed!



One response

28 02 2008

oh I so love that pink kitchen. I would love to have a pink kitchen but I’m afraid I’d have to buy everything since I have nothing in pink now. I do like your lovely stacked washed dish colors. I actually do the same thing. I have Fiestaware in red, turquoise and yellow and I often just leave them stacked in the dish drainer because it’s attractive!

I agree, decor on an unbrella, very nice!

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