A is for…

1 08 2007

Bella Dia has a wonderful idea to do a meme inspired by the book Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. Never one to miss a fun meme kind of thing, I’m in. I haven’t read this book yet, but it is definitely on my to-read list now.
So since today is August 1st, we’ll start with A.

A is for
Aunt Fanny.

“Why do they call her Aunt Fanny?”
“They can’t call her Aunt Booty, can they?”

Aunt Fanny is from one of Cale’s favorite movies, Robots. Here’s lately I’m feeling a lot like Aunt Fanny. I knew my belly was supposed to grow, but my booty has also um, grown. And I keep knocking stuff over with it. A nice person would say it’s just my purse, but it happens at home too, where I don’t exactly carry a purse around all day.  So far it’s pretty funny, but I think it will get dangerous eventually.



One response

3 08 2007
encyclopedia of me - links « moonlit garden

[…] Craft Junkie = Aunt Fanny […]

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