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2 08 2007
  • Books

new thrift scores


We love books. Cale and I often hit the thrift store on base and get as many as we can. Sometimes we come home with a huge amount, sometimes none. Yesterday we scored pretty good. An old Sunset book on Organization (love these!), a Dover book that has a paper doll concept, except in house form, and a cool looking Simpsons book. Not pictured, Questions Kids Ask (Kevin said he felt a little Mike Brady-ish reading it), and tons of kids books. Best part of all, I paid $1 for a huge bag of books.

We have many bookshelves and all are pretty much filled. But I love them. Craft books, reading books, learning books, you name it.

Literally means “Beautiful Figure.” This is one of my favorite parts of the Italian culture. It can be explained as always looking nice, but I think it goes much deeper than this. In Italy, every single woman I have ever seen is beautiful. They are not always beautiful in the classic sense but because they walk around with confidence, it instantly makes them attractive. I’m not too sure, but my guess is that they are told from birth that they are special and beautiful. They embrace their femininity and size. Some women are stick thin, but a lot more are curvy and still dress provocatively. I think most other Americans see this and think it’s gross but to me, its wonderful. I’m also willing to bet that eating disorders occur way less in this culture because of this attitude.

  • Bust

my article

My Bust magazine finally came and I am so happy and so proud. I had a dream that they had misspelled my name as “Amy Fondue,” but here it is in print, spelled correctly. This issue is super great. I feel so honored to have written for such a great magazine.

  • (My) Boys

Cale and his Pop

Words cannot describe how much I love these two boys. I could cover their faces with kisses all day long and it still would not be enough. With our 4th family member on the way, we can’t help but wonder, will this baby even the boys vs. girls score or will it be another boy, so that my chances for girly activities are forever lost? (This is a joke of ours.)

This new issue looks amazing. The link will take you to a few of the maternity patterns. If you don’t know what Burda is, it’s a magazine full of sewing patterns. You have to trace them (I use freezer paper) to use them. I think they cost about $8 in the states and are even in English, but its well worth the price, even if you have to translate stuff. They each contain about 30 patterns. Some are variations of each other, which teaches you how you can change patterns. They often tend to show the same patterns made with different fabrics, so you can imagine it better. Even with my imagination, this helps.

  • Bad Hair Days

how to handle bad hair days

Although I recently got the best hair cut of my life, going to sleep with wet hair leads to disaster.  So what’s a girl to do?  Pull it up and wear a cute headband! (Thanks Jen!)  If you want to see the rest of my outfit, which is pretty darn cute, click here.

  • Blogs

How do I love blogs?  Let me count the ways.  Constant inspiration and links.  Friendship.  Finding others who love making stuff as much as I do.  I have 67 blogs on bloglines.  Plus about 10 more that I read less frequently.  I love blogs so much in fact that I almost bought this t-shirt once.  I didn’t for fear of it being misread and me getting shot down.  😀  (I cannot look at that site without seeing about 10 shirts that are perfect for my husband!

  • Babies

And of course babies.  What pregnant woman doesn’t love babies?  They’re so cute and soft and you just want to rub your cheek on their soft skin, but then their parents see you and frown and you know that you’re alone in the rubbing your cheek against soft skin department.  Or you kiss a baby and you don’t even know them that well.  I can’t help it.  It just happens.  I love them.  Oh and when they smile at you.  Man, is there anything better than a smile from a child?  And you can talk to them in a funny voice and they don’t ask you why you’re doing that.  And even when they yawn or burp, its cute.  And they smell so good, unless they’re naturally stinky like a certain son of mine was! (I tease, Cale, I tease.)  And all they know in the world is love.  That’s such a special thing.

Its best to have your own, if you’re the skin rubbing, kissing kind of person I am.  Then its not weird.  At least, I guess its not.  (I still kiss my 3 year old about 100 times a day.  Does that make me weird?  Or affectionate?)

But right now being around babies is giving me the confidence that I was lacking.  I haven’t forgotten all the stuff I did with Cale so long ago.  I’ll be fine!   (Thanks again to my Guiliano.)  Kids teach you more than you teach them!



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5 08 2007

You were definately looking cute this day (as usual)! Adorable shirt, I love polka dots. 😀 Neat meme too, looking foward to the rest of your alphabet. Sunday’s flight got cancelled 😦 blah. I’ll talk to you later.

5 08 2007
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