D is for…

6 08 2007

Dinner with the mafia.

Did I even mention that I had dinner with the mafia? well one night my friend and I went to eat after our husbands were too wussy tired  to join us.  Because who can pass up the yummiest biggest pasta helpings ever?

So we went to eat at one of our favorite restaurants.  It’s an agriturismo which is an old farm house that has been converted to a restaurant.  Most of the time, all of the food is produced on the farm as well.  Any who, we arrived and it was quite deserted. It normally is pretty empty on Fridays.  We were seated in this room I had never been in before that was also occupied for 3 men at the corner table.  They ordered champagne right away and started getting wasted.  (Which is weird,  Italians can hold their liquor.  I saw a girl take 2 tequila shots like it was nothing!)

So then my friend left to the bathroom to my distress.  The men started making comments to the waiter about me.  It was very uncomfortable and I know they knew the waiter thought I was cute.  C came back and we finished our meal.  Then the men insisted on toasting us and her very pregnant belly.  They shared their champagne with us and offered to buy us more drinks.  Apparently its okay for pregnant women to drink in Italy.  We paid and left and lets just say that we practically ran to the car.  The whole thing was creepy.  And so weird.  And we’re convinced these guys were mafioso.   But who really knows?  So that is how we had dinner with the mafia.

D is also for discomfort.  Although I am only 4 months pregnant,  I am experiencing a lot of discomfort, more than I think should be normal.  It looks like a visit to the doctor is in order.   I swear, it feels like this baby is drop-kicking my cervix.  And internal organs.  Was anyone else really aware of their cervix?



2 responses

6 08 2007

wierd about those guys… I woulda been freaked out probably. I hope you feel better, and hopefully the doctors can figure out something that will help.

6 08 2007

oh yeah, i was. totally. i swear, at one point i thought griffin was going to break my cervix in two.

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