F is for…

8 08 2007

Rose of Sharon flower


Food: Mexican. Enchiladas, guacamole, spicy white dip, empanadas, tacos, homemade refried beans…. You name it, I love it. My favorite spices are mexican-ish as well: Adobo seasoning, cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper.

Music: Currently on my MP3 player: HorrorPops, A Wilhelm Scream, The Vandals, Guttermouth, Alkaline Trio, Samiam, Lawrence Arms, Fugazi

Movies: I don’t care for many movies, but a few I like are Garden State, Borat, The Prize Winner, Roman Holiday, spoof movies such as Scary Movie, Epic Movie, etc, The Corpse Bride…. I’m sure there are more.  Can’t think of any.
Books: A House in Sicily by Daphne Phelps, anything by Jane Austen, anything by David Sedaris, Valley of the Dolls, Reading Lolita in the Tehran, cook books, most classics

TV Shows: Once again, not much for tv either. I like Scrubs, Gilmore Girls, The Brady Bunch, Simpsons and Family Guy. I tolerate McGuyver when my husband rents them by the season and watches them.

Places to Shop:

Sicily: Etnapolis (our mall), Brico (kind of like a hardware store with a small art section), Scarpe & Scarpe (shoe store), the markets!!!, local furniture stores.

In the states/online: Michaels, Joanns, TJ Maxx/Ross/etc, Old Navy, thrift stores, Target. About a hundred online fabric shops.

Season: Spring and Autumn almost tie.

Guilty Pleasures: Napping, reading magazines, my love for my heating pad, bubble baths, wine (not now though), cappuccino, buying fabric or clothes or shoes, cheesecake, coca cola (especially Italian)

*Favorites list idea from pixiegenne.



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