G and H

10 08 2007

G is for:

Gallstones. Sometimes I feel like I was never meant to have babies. All I wanted was an easy pregnancy. Like everyone else has. Nope. That’s not the way it is for me. I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that the pain I have been feeling is indeed gallstones. I was given antacids and codeine. In theory, the antacids sounded foolproof. Until I took one. What the hell is it supposed to be for? I still felt nausea, only much less, and the pain was still there. I’m hesitant to try the codeine. I was instructed to come back if the pain gets worse. I’ll be seeing the Er this weekend I’m sure. I had a morning attack today for the first time so it does appear to be getting worse.

Going to dinner tonight. We’re going out to eat Mexican food-Sicilian style tonight. It’s actually pretty close and really good. And yes I now I’m not supposed to be eating Mexican food but it’s not spicy. One last time won’t kill me.

Gifts. I received these lovely gifts from a friend who’s about to move to the states. The bib says “Hello my name is” and then you cross-stitch the name on it. The shirt says “Good luck” and is what babies traditionally wear home here. Red is good luck as well. More than anything, the greatest gift I have received from her is her friendship. It’s rare to find someone so honest and wonderful. We will truly miss her and her kids. Saying goodbye to friends is one of the hardest things about living in a military community. Everyone leaves eventually.
first gifts for the baby

H is for:

Heartbeat: I heard the baby’s heartbeat yesterday. What a wonderful sound. Love at first sound. I also love the sound of my belly. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. What a lovely white noise.

Hope: I was hoping to get an ultrasound yesterday to confirm the gallstones and maybe get a little peek at my little one. I’m so impatient to find out what I’m having! Two weeks to go now.

Home and homemade: I love my home so much. It feels so much like us. I’ve put so much of myself into it and it somehow reflects all of us. And there are so many homemade touches. I’m really proud of it. What started out from necessity (not having the money to buy what I wanted, so I made it) has turned into what I desire most. When I make stuff, it really feels like better quality. And it matches my aesthetic better than anything store-bought ever could.



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10 08 2007

I had my gallbladder removed 2 1/2 years ago due to gallstones (there were 17 little rocks in there!) Fortunately, I wasn’t pregnant at the time, that must be extra painful:( The thing that helped me the most was to have zero fat. Not easy, but possible. I sympathize and hope you’re able to get some relief! Take care…

10 08 2007
Mary Ellen

Hi! My daughter is due to have her first baby any day. She had an awful flare-up of gallbladder pain a couple of months ago. Thankfully (after a while) it lessened to the point that she could tolerate the discomfort. Her doctor suggested Alka-seltzer and it helped during an attack. Best of luck to you and the babe.

12 08 2007

Ugh. My pregnancy with Jack was very, very difficult, so I definitely can sympathize. I hope you are able to resolve the gallstone pain soon.

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